Snowshoe Cat Breed Information and Maintenance

The Snowshoe Cat is a special breed known for being friendly and gentle. They don’t like being alone for a long time. These cats have a Siamese background and are a mix between Siamese and short-haired cats. They have a smooth and soft coat, with two different colors. They shed some fur, but not too much. What makes them unique is their white paws that look like snowshoes, which is why they are called Snowshoe Cats.



In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1960s, a cat owned by Siamese cat breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty gave birth to a litter of Siamese kittens. White tips and feet were distinctive features on three of the kittens. She started trying to breed cats that looked like them using seal point Siamese and bicolor American Shorthairs since she was intrigued by their appearance. Although the offspring of the cats lacked Siamese points, the desired appearance was achieved by mating the offspring to Siamese cats. The breed was given the name “Snowshoe” by Hinds-Daugherty because of its white feet. In 1993, TICA granted it recognition.

Snowshoe Cat Breed


These solidly built, medium-sized, athletic cats weigh an average of 7 to 12 pounds, with males often being heavier than females. They almost always have an inverted ‘V’ of white fur between their eyes, and they have gorgeous blue eyes that can vary slightly in tint. A Snowshoe cat can live anywhere between 14 and 20 years on average.



The snowshoe cat has a lively disposition and is a highly friendly and intelligent animal. She will use whatever means necessary to grab your attention, such as leaping onto your lap when you are trying to work or keeping a close eye on you from a high perch. You want to think about getting a cat condo for your furry companion if you own a snowshoe because she enjoys being up high.



The ideal diet for these cats is typically one that is heavy in protein and of good quality. They expend a lot of energy each day, and the more active they are, the more food they need to consume to maintain that energy level. Due to their obligate carnivorous nature, cats do require meals high in protein. Consult your veterinarian if you’re unclear about what to give your cat or how to distribute the food correctly. Many pet owners are converting to raw diets, but doing so can be very harmful to your cat’s health if you don’t feed the right things in the right amounts. Consult your vet or a pet nutritionist for advice if you’re considering feeding your Snowshoe cat a raw diet.



Breeds of snowshoe cats have smooth, lustrous coats that range in length from short to medium. It is important to groom your Snowshoe cat twice a week in order to help maintain the health of their coat. You should regularly inspect and, if necessary, wipe your cat’s ears. Ask your veterinarian for advice and product suggestions if you have any questions about what to look out for, how to properly clean your cat’s ears, or which cleaning solution to use. Remember to brush your cat’s teeth at least once a week, but even more frequently wouldn’t hurt. Your cat’s nails might also need to be trimmed approximately once a month.

Snowshoe Kittens


Snowshoe cat breeds can be taught to walk on a leash, in addition to tricks, games, puzzles, and even household chores like opening doors. Positive reinforcement can be used to train your cat through rewards, toys, and love. Don’t be shocked if your Snowshoe cat begins fetching on its own or accepts harness training right away. In certain cases, cats can even train themselves.



While Siamese cats frequently experience hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, and periodontal disease, snowshoe cats can experience some of these health issues. Despite the rarity of these problems, they should be kept an eye out for. Some Snowshoe cat breeds, like Siamese, have kinked tails and crossed eyes. Crossed eyes can impair peripheral vision, but neither of these conditions hurts the cat or reduces its longevity.


Bottom Line

The traits that distinguish the Snowshoe cat as a rare and special feline are also the traits that cat enthusiasts find charming and attractive. She adores nothing more than cuddling up and showing her pet parents how much she cares.

They happily settle into homes with other cats, well-behaved kids, and calm canines. Snowshoe cats may look soft and cuddly, but they may be a little demanding with other animals—usually in good fun.

If you like peace and quiet, you might want to think carefully before getting a snowshoe cat. They are very talkative, just like their Siamese relatives, and like being heard. They use a variety of meows to communicate. Compared to Siamese, their volume levels are milder and less disturbing; some have even described their sound as sweet or beautiful; despite this, they are infamous noisemakers.

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