Arabian Mau Cat Breed Information and Maintenance

Arabian Mau is a domestic short-haired cat. This landrace local of the desert areas of the Arabian Peninsula, flourishes well in the streets, helpfully adjusting to the limits of temperature. Being medium-sized to enormous, it has a firm body, all around created muscles, long legs and oval shaped paws. It is round-headed with little bends on its nose, very much articulated whisker pads, firm jawline, and somewhat inclining eyes.

The coat of the Mau is medium long and is reflexive and delicate. The spots on the coat cover the body with dark-striped cat striping on the face and tail. Most Maus have a fold of looser skin, which goes from the flanks to the knees on the rear legs.

Arabian Mau Cat Breed

Arabian Mau cats are medium-sized cats. Males are typically heavier than females. The male Arabian Mau cats weigh around 9 to 16 lbs. What’s more, the females can weigh anyplace somewhere in the range of 8 and 14 pounds. This breed is healthy and has no known health issues. It can live for around 12 to1 4 years. If given legitimate care, this breed will lead a happy and healthy life.

These cats likewise include oval paws, long legs, and strong muscles. Be that as it may, one of the particular highlights of this breed is its ears, which are enormous and pointed to assist with setting overabundance heat free from the body (exceptionally helpful while living in the desert). The tail is likewise a medium length compared to the remainder of the body, and it to some dip tightens towards the tip.


Arabian Mau Cat Breed Maintenance

Arabian Maus love food. These cats are known for having an extremely different bed and will eat pretty much anything. They’re not fastidious eaters, and they have a skill for gorging. You’ll need to be careful about the amount you’re feeding your Arabian Mau. If you give food, they’ll eat it, even beyond the reason behind being full. You can expect this to prompt weight gain before long if you’re not careful.

Grooming these cats is extremely simple as they don’t have long fur. Brushing eliminates the dead hair that intensifies their sparkle and keeps their coat looking a decent. These cats can clean themselves well by licking yet need maintenance.

The Arabian Mau is a short-haired cat with polished hair. The shedding force of Arabian Maus is not exactly numerous other cat breeds. Notwithstanding, they are not hypoallergenic. Because of this low shedding characteristic, the possibilities of a reaction to unfavorably susceptible people are lower than numerous different breeds of cats.

Cats are normally extremely constant with regards to grooming themselves and keeping clean, so showers are excessive except if your cat rolls in something rancid or grimy. Other than that, trim the tips of your cat’s hooks, clean its ears, and clean its teeth, similarly as you would with some other breed.


Bottom Line

Arabian Mau is a success with children. This is a breed that will rapidly shape bonds with the children in their life. Simply be certain that early socialization happens and limits are appropriately set on the two sides, and administer early interactions among children and cats.

With regards to other family pets, the Arabian Mau is similarly as amiable. Despite the fact that, you’ll need to administer early interactions between the new cat and existing pets.

Eventually, early socialization truly pays off with this breed. Make a point to remunerate your Arabian Mau for good way of behaving while you bring them home to your family!

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