Highlander Cat Breed Information and Maintenance

Highlander is a hybrid cat – a cross between the Desert Lynx and Jungle Curl breeds. Delicate, social, and intelligent, these felines acquired the absolute best attributes from their parents. Joe Childers, a cat breeder, first made the breed in 1993, however it was only after 2004 that the cat got its own identification. These felines are really savvy, so you’ll have to give a living climate to them that will keep them intellectually fulfilled. This breed blend makes for very human friendly cats and incredible family pets.

In any case, the Highlander is perhaps the most domesticated cats with no wild attribute. The novel physical characteristics are the twisted ears and a short sway tail. A portion of the Highlander cats have a larger number of toes than those of different cats-polydactyl feet however others have typical toes and straight ears. The breed comes in two assortments longhaired and shorthaired. Their coats have an assortment of beautiful patterns and varieties.

Highlander Cat Breed

Highlander is a medium-to-huge measured cat. As is generally the situation, exact size guidelines could change. They are enormous cats, and regularly weigh somewhere in the range of 12 and 16 pounds and measure somewhere in the range of 18 and 24 inches long. It can live for an average of 10 to 15 years.

With their unmistakable great looks and enchanting characters, the moderately intriguing breed called the Highlander is attracting the attention of cat sweethearts. Highlanders are generally known for their twisted ears and naturally short tails, however their splendid characters likewise engage nearly anybody. These cats are friendly, fiery and associated with the family exercises and goings-on.

Highlander Cat Breed Maintenance

Highlander cats don’t need a specific diet, yet they need a nutritious one. Cats are innately delicate animals, so you can envision how essential a high-protein diet is for their prosperity. The pet proprietor ought to give food that is nutritious and healthy.

Highlander cats can have long or short coats. For short coat Highlanders, keeping their skin and fur healthy is truly simple. Not at all like different breeds that require more attention, these cats in all actuality do well with a straightforward infrequent brushing session that will assist with eliminating free fur and stop hairballs while lessening shedding. In any case, a few Highlander cats can likewise have longer fur that might require more normal brushing sessions.


Since the breed is intelligent and energetic, they can be trained similarly as effectively as most dog breeds! When trained since early on, you can without much of a stretch get your cat on a leash for strolls, playing get, and that’s just the beginning! Highlanders are naturally inquisitive about water, so if you acquaint swimming with them, they’re probably going to get it without any problem. These training periods are extraordinary ways of expanding exercise and make them simpler to oversee for you.

Highlander kitten

They’re an inconceivably healthy breed, with no specific medical issues to consider. Indeed, even with healthy breeds, it’s essential to consider the overall health concerns that can introduce in cats. It’s essential to continuously remain careful of overfeeding your cat as stoutness in housecats is tragically extremely normal. You can stay away from your cat acquiring a lot of weight by saving them dynamic and setting feeding times for them. By following how much food you are offering, you won’t coincidentally overfeed.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the Highlander wildcat elements, it doesn’t have similar attributes as wild cats. The breed is an extremely intelligent cat that is steadfast and wanting to individuals around him. The cat loves to play, and its dog-like attributes make it much more charming and simpler to coexist with. If you can’t settle on keeping a dog or a cat, go the Highlander.

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