Karelian Bear Dog- Energetic Athletic Big Game Hunting Dog Breed

Karelian Bear Dog, called Karjalankarhukoira in the breed’s local Finland, is a strong, alert, and valiant breed that is equipped for hunting or treeing little to-huge game — even forceful game like bears, lynxes, wild hogs, wolves, and moose. It makes the rundown of the ten most normal dog breeds in Finland, where people think of them as an irreplaceable asset.

Karelian Bear Dogs were bred to be naturally forceful to different animals for hunting. Consequently, it takes a decent arrangement of socialization and training to keep them as household pets. Also, they have high energy and exercise needs.

The Karelian is a medium estimated dog that weighs somewhere in the range of 44 and 50 lbs and will remain somewhere in the range of 19 and 24 inches in stature. Guys are typically greater than females.

Karelian Bear Dog Breed


However, Karelian Bear Dogs, are incredibly loyal to their human families and are extremely defensive watchdogs. In this way, for an owner able to invest the effort, mingle, train perseveringly, and give a lot of open space and actual work, the Karelian Bear Dog can be a quiet, loving family member.


Karelian Bear Dog Maintenance

Karelian Bear Dog needs to eat high-quality food that is fitting for their life stage. To keep your KBD at a healthy weight, screen food parcels and slice back if they begin to put on weight. Also make certain to consider treats when following their every day calorie consumption. As a rule, treats should make up something like 10% of your dog’s calories.

Notwithstanding regular brushing, Karelian Bear Dogs need just infrequent showers. All dogs need their nails managed occasionally. Furthermore a regular grooming routine for a Karelian Bear Dog ought to also incorporate ear checks for wax buildup or trash to forestall diseases.

Dogs need dental care, as well. Notwithstanding proficient dental care, set up a regular at-home dental care schedule. It ought to incorporate day by day toothbrushing and dental bites or treats for your Karelian Bear Dog. Maintaining great dental cleanliness is fundamental for their by and large long haul health.

Karelian Bear Dog in Field


Karelian Bear Dogs love work out—regardless of whether it’s play in a fenced region or comfortable strolls. Other open air activities like swimming, climbing, and recovering balls or frisbees can give a decent outlet to any repressed energy a Karelian Bear Dog might have. The breed also appreciates dog sports like spryness, acquiescence, and rally.

These character traits can make them difficult to train, particularly if you are a fledgling or first-time owner. It’s fundamental to build up firm initiative utilizing confident and reliable however delicate strategies.

Reward-based training with treats, acclaim, and a delicate stroke on the back after an undertaking well done will assist with keeping your Karelian Bear Dog energetic and animated. Early socialization is also key to the healthy development of any dog.

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