How to Identify a Fake ESA Letter?

Undoubtedly, the popularity of emotional support animals has surged in recent years, and now people are more aware of it. This surge is because more people are grappling with mental illness; even children and emotional support animals could be the most cost-effective and safe treatment for mental illness.

As the popularity of ESA is rising, the cases of scammed ESA letters are also increasing. As we all know, to make your pet an ESA, you need to have an ESA letter. You can keep your pet on your premises with a legal ESA letter. It’s sad to see how a few crooked dealers are scheming to exploit consumers by providing fake ESA letters and doing so for just a few dollars. They play with emotions and waste the time and money of a person already dealing with mental illness. 

You must stay one step ahead of these crooked dealers to save time and money. I don’t think it’s a tedious and complex job to identify the fake ESA letter. It’s simple and easy. It would be best if you verified some factors. That’s it.


Identify these elements of the fake ESA letter 

The first and most common thing about the legit ESA Letter is that only licensed healthcare professionals are allowed to prescribe the ESA. Always verify with whom you are dealing with whether the other person on the table has the authority to write an ESA letter or not. Let us find out who has the authority to write an ESA letter.

Identify a Fake ESA Letter

Who can write an ESA letter

Only the licensed healthcare professional has the right to issue emotional support animals letters. A licensed healthcare professional means a registered:

  • Mental Health professionals including psychologists, therapists, or psychiatrist
  • Primary Care Physician 
  • Therapist 
  • General Physician 
  • And Clinical Social Workers.

These professionals are allowed to recommend emotional support therapies. If you want accommodations related to ESA, you must obtain them only from qualified professionals.  


Offers No Screening

Always think twice when the deal is too good. Remember, Applying for and obtaining an ESA Letter is not an instant process. An ESA letter is a legal document in which screening and examining patient health is compulsory. Without screening and reviewing, no legit company can write you an ESA Letter.

When you connect with a legit ESA Letter company, a licensed healthcare professional does a complete health analysis on you. The research includes interviews and tests. Depending on the results of the study, the doctor will decide whether an ESA is a good option for you or not.

If you come across a doctor or a website offering no screening, chances are you are dealing with fraudsters. An agency that passes over screening is not a legitimate ESA center. 


Missing Details

Every doctor has their way of writing or format for an ESA Letter. But some common details need to be present in an authentic ESA Letter. These details distinguish between fake and legal ESA letters.



Patient Details: Brief details of the patient and their medical conditions need to be present in the recommendation letter. Details such as name, address, contact number, etc., and the medical condition from which the patient is suffering.


Doctor’s Details: A recommendation letter must have all the details of the doctor, such as their name, contact number, name of the company, license number, signature, and stamp. These must be present in the legal ESA letter.


ESA Details: An ESA letter should contain all the details about your emotional support animal. What type of animal is it, and what is the registration number? What’s the breed of your ESA? Without such details, your ESA letter will be considered fake.

Still unclear about the details, you can see the ESA letter template on this website. 


Benefits of having a legitimate ESA Letter

A legal ESA letter for housing guarantees the ESA owner reasonable accommodation. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) protects people from discrimination by landlords. People with disabilities, such as mental or physical, are protected under the FHA, which means that landlords can’t discriminate against them based on their disabilities. Moreover, the FHA requires housing providers to make reasonable accommodations related to emotional support and service animals.

In terms of traveling with an ESA, only a few airlines allow emotional support animals. After some incidents by the ESA on a plane, many airlines restrict ESA, and the government supports their decision. From now onwards, airlines only allow service animals and psychiatric service dogs to fly with them.


Who you can trust for a legit ESA letter

Fast ESA Letter is a well-known name in the emotional support animal world, offering a range of services for getting an ESA letter. The company is defined by its strict compliance with federal laws, a massive chain of licensed healthcare professionals, and fast customer and consultation support. 

The team at Fast ESA Letter is well-equipped and ensures you have everything you need as soon as possible. The professionals at Fast ESA Letter will walk you through the process and make sure you get your ESA letter. No one can challenge the legitimacy of an ESA letter from a Fast ESA Letter. You never have to worry when you’re taken care of by a Fast ESA Letter.


Bottom line

Before you finalize the ESA letter provider company, ensure that you follow the above tips. Contact Fast ESA Letter. We enable the safe and effective acquisition of your emotional support animal letter.

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