Popular Fun Games to Play with your Dog

by Riya Agarwal

Searching for an overall quite simple method for keeping your dog entertained? Take a stab at adding a couple of fun games into to your dog’s routine. Playing games with your dog is an extraordinary method for keeping them active, occupied, and in the clear. Furthermore, best of all it’s loads of fun for both you and your dog the same.

Dogs simply need to have a good time! While ​training is significant for all dogs, playtime is similarly as significant. You can consolidate games into training too, however now and again a smidgen of play is all your pup actually needs. Look at a few fun games for your dog that can keep your dog occupied and entertained every day.

Fun Games to Play with your Dog


Indoor games to play with your Dog

Being stuck at home, under any circumstance, can be a bummer for both you and your pup. In any case, despite the fact that you’re restricted inside, you can in any case participate in games to keep your dog happy and healthy.


Hide and Seek

For this game to be effective, your dog should get basic commands, for example, sit, stay, and come. Lead them to a room and request that they stay, then, at that point, leave and hide in a different area. To play this game you really want to get your dog’s favorite toys or get a small bunch of treats. Have your dog stay, then, at that point, proceed to hide. Whenever you’ve situated yourself call your dog to find you. At the point when he finds you, reward him with treats that you have brought along. This is an extraordinary game that can animate his minds and natural sniffing abilities in a fun and invigorating manner.


Find the Treats

You can involve pieces of kibble or your dogs favorite treats for this game. If your dog hasn’t played this game previously, begin straightforward by setting them on display to get them used to the thought. A chunk of time must pass for dogs to quit depending so vigorously on viewable signals and to sharpen in their incredible sniffing ability. When your dog has gone a couple of rounds, you can make it more testing by hiding treats in a few harder spots.


Tug of War

With regards to games to play with your dog, tug-of-war presumably needn’t bother with quite a bit of a clarification. You probably cherished this game when you were a child, so why not appreciate it with your dog? For this game to be fruitful, your dog should learn basic commands, for example, sit, stay, and come. Lead them to a room and request that they stay, then, at that point, leave and hide in a different area. At the point when you’ve observed the ideal hiding place, call out to them to urge them to come find you. Praise the large accomplishment, whenever they’ve sorted out where you are.

Tug of War dog game


Play-Wild Sits

Presently, this is a fun activity. While your dog is on a leash, irritate them up however much as could be expected – you can go around cheering, jumping all over – anything to get your pup as energized as could really be expected. Then, at that point, mid-cavort, you’ll teach your dog to sit. This might take some practice, contingent upon how hyperactive your dog is, however after a couple of attempts, your dog ought to have the option to go from a condition of fervor to sitting calmly on command.


Puzzle Games for Dogs

Puzzle games are a fun method for playing with dogs indoors. You can put your dog’s day to day kibble inside the puzzle, so you won’t gamble with overfeeding him. We have this dog puzzle, yet there are a lot more puzzles accessible to buy, or on the other hand if you are innovative you can make your own.


Outdoor games to play with your Dog

Keeping your dog happy and healthy ought to be your rationale to get outside with your dog and get rolling! Ensure you remember to routinely connect with your dog in these following dog outdoor games:



A past game of fetch never falls flat. Not extraordinary for bigger dogs however – as tennis balls can be a stifling peril. If you have a younger dog, who is as yet developing, you can move it along the ground to stay away from injury.

Many dogs have a natural sense to fetch. Dogs can be shown the ropes. A decent game of fetch can be played anyplace. Play indoors with a delicate toy or outdoors in a fenced-in region with a ball or circle.


Water play

Most dogs love to play in water and will jump at the opportunity to plunge into a lake for a swim. That is the thing makes playing with your dog outside considerably simpler if you have water close by where you can take your dog for a speedy plunge – particularly on a hot day!

Tossing a ball into water for your dog to retrieve is an incredible outdoor dog game – simply ensure it floats, and that it is an appropriate size for your dog. Many pet stores even sell balls made specifically for dogs to play with in water. Not exclusively will your dog be getting and retrieving the ball however they’ll be swimming for it as well. Swimming is amazing activity for dogs of any age – it’s great for puppy and adult activity and extraordinary for older dogs as it’s kind with their joints and works on strength.

If you’re without a lake or a stream close by, let your dog shake things up in their own personal rowing pool or get out the hose and allowed them to pursue the water around the nursery. There’s nothing more pleasant on a hot bright day than a wet outdoor dog game that will assist your dog with consuming off loads of energy and cool down simultaneously.



Frisbee Game for Dog

Playing flying circle, or Frisbee, is an extraordinary option in contrast to tossing a stick or a ball and it’s a phenomenal type of activity as well! If your dog is as of now great at getting toys and taking them back to you, they’ll be speedy at figuring out how to play with a Frisbee and the game will be significantly more fun for the both of you.

All you want to begin is a Frisbee and nature! Start your game by tossing the Frisbee delicately, and when your dog has become accustomed to getting and retrieving you can begin to build the tallness and the distance of each toss.

This outdoor dog game is extraordinary if you’re in a rush and can’t go on a long everyday walk. The speedy explosions of energy spent racing to get the Frisbee and bringing it back will wear your energetic dog out right away!


Play Football

While you probably won’t have the option to shape your own four-legged five a side group, in the wake of showing your dog how to play football you can ensure you’ll both be partaking in time outdoors together.

Football can be an extraordinary outdoor dog game and with a fast training meeting, you can help your dog to pass the ball in a matter of seconds. Simply ensure you utilize a ball that is the right size for your dog to securely and effectively get – you could even have the option to find one made specifically for dogs! The least demanding method for helping most dogs to play football is by utilizing their noses, and by keeping the ball in your control you can stop your dog overdoing it.

Urge your dog to push the ball and reward them every time they move it without playing with it. You can urge your pup to contact the ball with a voice command and they’ll be significantly more prone to do as such if it’s moving. With every prod they give the ball, reward and praise them until they’re ultimately dribbling the ball.


Round Robin

This is an incredible game for the entire family to play, particularly if you have a seriously decent estimated garden. Request that every part fanned out then have every individual call out to your dog. Every opportunity he comes, reward him with praise and treats.


Bottom Line

Make sure to watch your dog for indications of exhaustion or overheating when you are playing. Stop if your dog appears to be drained, baffled or gives indications of agitation or anxiety. Likewise, know about your surroundings while playing with your dog. Whenever other dogs or people are around, it might make a hazardous distraction, particularly if your dog is off-leash.

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