Chi Chi- Smart Friendly Barking Watch Dog for Family

The Chi chi is a hybrid dog – a cross of the Chihuahua and Chinese Crested dog breeds. Little, energetic, and ready, these pups acquired probably the most desirable characteristics from both of their folks. Chi Chis pass by another names, including the Mexican Crested and the Crested Chi.

These energetic pups make extraordinary apartment dogs for active metropolitan dwellers, yet they can flourish in bigger family homes in the right conditions. The Chi consistently has something at the forefront of their thoughts, and they aren’t reluctant to tell you with some yappiness. If you’re searching for an energetic dog who’s smart, alarm, and loves to adhere like paste to their cherished human, the Chichi might be the right dog for you!

The Chi is an ideal family pet. They coexist with people, all things considered, even babies. They do should be mingled and trained at an early age to figure out how to cooperate with people appropriately and securely, particularly if little youngsters are in the image. Each member of the household ought to pick up training procedures, for example, sit and remain, to guarantee acquiescence, regardless of the social circumstance.

Chi Chi Dog Breed


Chi Chi Dog Maintenance

Before you head out and take on a Chichi Dog, it’s ideal to get an exhaustive comprehension of what you’re getting into. From how much they eat to normal health conditions to look out for, we have you covered with all that you really want to know here.

A Chi Dog doesn’t have any unique dietary requirements, however you do have to choose a high-quality kibble to keep them healthy. The beneficial thing with such a little dog is that high-quality food will keep going quite a while, so you don’t need to stress over going through a huge load of cash to take care of them.

A Chi Dog is a high-energy dog, so you want to get them out for every day strolls to forestall any destructive fatigue behavior. Yet, since a Chichi Dog is more modest, these strolls don’t should be close to as long as you would require with a bigger pup.

Simply go for an hour of activity for your Chi Dog each day, including both indoor and open air activities.

If your Chichi Dog takes after a Chihuahua, then, at that point, training them will require a smidgen more work. In any case, training them early and frequently is basic, as is constancy. With their Chinese Crested heredity, you also need to stick only with encouraging feedback.

Chihuahua and Chinese Crested hybrid dog


Any other way, you’ll end up with an amazingly shy dog that would rather not associate with you, which is the last thing that you need to occur.

Grooming is somewhat of a mixed pack with a Chi Dog. If you get a bare Chi dog, you just need to brush out the tufts of hair about one time per week. However, you really want to brush a soft Chichi dog every day.

If you have a Chi Dog that develops patches of hair, you’ll need to shave those patches, which requires somewhat more care. You’ll also have to wash your Chi Dog sometimes, and you should clean their teeth a couple of times each week.

While most Chi-Chi Dogs are healthy, they can acquire a couple of hereditary issues from their folks. Everything thing that you can manage is watch for these likely worries while keeping your Chi Dog on a strict diet and brushing their teeth.

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