Boerboel- A Mastiff-type Guard Dog from South Africa

Boerboel is a huge working dog breed from South Africa that has a smooth, short coat and a muscular form. Its head is large and blocky with a somewhat short nose and V-formed ears that hang down. The general appearance of the boerboel shows power and boldness. This mastiff-type dog was bred to be a guardian, and it could safeguard property against lions. It’s by and large exceptionally dedicated to its family. In any case, it is a ton of dog to deal with and consequently not great for beginner dog owners. They are many times called ‘Velcro’ dogs, continuously needing to accompany their owners, as, are not prone to straying all alone.



At the point when Dutch farmers went to South Africa, they took dogs with them. One of those farmers was Jan van Riebeeck, who brought a kind of dog called a bullenbijter or bullenbeisser, which makes an interpretation of generally to bull biter. This anonymous Mastiff-type dog, alongside native African dogs, was one of the ancestors of the Boerboel. The Boers, as the farmers were known, made a dog who might be loyal, obedient and protective. Afterward, while precious stone mining turned into an important industry, the dogs were bred with Bullmastiffs, who had been acquired to guard the mines. Rhodesian Ridgebacks likewise contributed to the Boerboel’s development. During the 1980s, South African dog lovers set off on a mission to lay out a norm for the breed. They chose 72 dogs that met their standards. Today, the Boerboel dog is as yet considered a rare breed all through the world.

Boerboel Dog Breed


The strong boerboel is a wide, very much muscled dog who might weigh so a lot than his owner. This is an enormous dog, estimating somewhere in the range of 64 and 70cm and weighing in at between 70 to 90 kgs. A solid Boerboel will live to somewhere in the range of 9 and 13 years old. It makes for a strong sidekick who is considerably more light-footed than different dogs of this size.



Boerboel is a confident dog known for being protective of both property and people. This is a strong-willed working dog with an intelligent nature, subsequently, this isn’t a dog for a fledgling owner. They will generally be unapproachable with strangers however are extremely affectionate with those they know. The Boerboel requires proper, progressing training and socialization since the beginning to forestall over-confidence and other behavior issues from shaping.



Boerboel dogs normally excel on a top quality commercial dog food figured out for enormous breeds. Make certain to pick a recipe that matches their stage in life, and make a point to search for the explanation that says it satisfies the nutritional guidelines set by the AAFCO. Despite the fact that this is an active dog, Boerboels are prone to obesity. As you’re arranging your dog’s meals, make certain to count every one of the treats you give during training. If you have any inquiries regarding your dog’s diet or mealtime strategy, visit with your vet. They’re in the best situation to assist you with picking the right food for your Boerboel dog in view of their unique necessities.



Because of their short, thick coat, Boerboels shed decently. They look their best when brushed week by week with a delicate fiber brush, elastic grooming glove, or dog glove to eliminate any free hair. This additionally promotes hair development and distributes skin oils all through the coat, keeping it healthy. Boerboels require just periodic showers, however their nails ought to be trimmed consistently.

Boerboel Puppies


The Boerboel is a protective, territorial dog not a breed for a beginner dog owner. He is relentless, quiet, profoundly intelligent, and inconceivably steadfast. Boerboels should be with their people and won’t flourish except if kept as an integral piece of their human family. Their inalienable monitoring senses make early socialization an unquestionable requirement, as is structured,  obedience training, began quite early in life. Boerboel pups are nice and flexible, and inexperienced owners might be hushed into figuring the dog will stay that way, when in fact consistent training should be well in progress before those qualities blur.



Boerboel dog is by and large healthy because of artificial determination yet check with the breeder prior to purchasing to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt they’ve evaluated for elbow and hip dysplasia, coronary illness and two primary irregularities of the eyelids: ectropion where the lower eyelid carries out or hangs, and entropion where the eyelid rolls inwards and makes the lashes rub on the dog’s eye. These are illnesses that affect Boerboels the most yet you never entirely understand what’s around the bend so it’s dependably fitting to take out the best pet insurance straight away. The breed is prone to gaining weight as we’ve seen and they likewise endure swell however that is effortlessly kept away from. Simply guarantee you don’t take care of the breed in something like four hours before they exercise. Leaving about an hour after exercise before you give them food is likewise prudent.


Bottom Line

Boerboel dog breeds are active, shrewd, protective dogs who make extraordinary family companions. They are not appropriate for first-time dog owners, as they can be difficult to wild train and can be risky when they become. These dogs should be the main little guy in a family, given their protective nature. They don’t do well around different dogs or strangers, so introduce different dogs and people accurately.

Given their size, this breed needs loads of room. Try not to get this breed if you live in a condo. These dogs require daily exercise and appreciate long strolls, climbs, and an intense round of bring.

Begin training very early on, as soon as 8 to 10 weeks, stressing fundamental obedience. Champion yourself as the pioneer, as this breed likes to assume command. You can likewise train your dog to do dexterity, protective work, weight pulling, etc. Any activity that invigorates the psyche and body will make a Boerboel Dog exceptionally blissful. For the right owner, this breed makes an exceptional companion.

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