Swedish Vallhund- Sweet Friendly Apartment Living Dog For Families

Swedish Vallhund is a medium-sized, hearty herding dog that hails from Scandinavia. The Swedish Vallhund’s short height makes it an excellent cattle herder, as it is the perfect size to nip at the impact points of animals to move them along, as well as balanced and agile enough to try not to kick hooves.

Consistent with their legacy as a working dog breed, the Swedish Vallhund is an intelligent and ready companion. They’re active dogs who need similarly active pet guardians. Swedish Vallhund is also known as Viking Dog.

These are little herding dogs with short legs, pointed ears, and a thick coat of medium-length fur. Guys and females are ordinarily about a similar size; they can develop to be 12-14 inches tall at the shoulder, and they will more often than not weigh somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 pounds when they are completely grown.

Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed


Train your Vallhund for dog sports or give them something important to take care of around the house, and you’ll get along fine. The breed is generally healthy; in spite of the fact that, they can succumb to an inherited eye disease called retinopathy. Their medium-length coat comes in various tones and combinations.


Swedish Vallhund Maintenance

These dogs need a lot of activity and consideration regarding stay cheerful and healthy. Vallhunds don’t get exhausted easily and love to follow alongside their owners, so probably the most effective way to keep them cheerful is to make them a piece of your working lifestyle.

Like different dogs, Swedish Vallhunds need to eat a balanced diet with a lot of protein and healthy fats. Vallhunds are naturally energetic, and the amount of dog food that they need to devour will be straightforwardly connected with how much energy they consume over the course of the day. Vallhunds that are relied upon to be apartment dogs will be more agreeable if they are not overloaded, however Vallhunds that work as cow dogs will need additional bits to assist them with managing whole herds.

Swedish Vallhund Mother with Puppies


A Swedish Vallhund is a highly trainable dog. They truly do have an autonomous streak, however commonly, their craving to please you offsets this. Use consistency during your training meetings, and attempt to make them fun to take full advantage of your dog.

This breed isn’t inclined to any significant sicknesses, in spite of the fact that Retinopathy should be visible in certain people, as can canine hip dysplasia (CHD), elbow dysplasia, luxating patella (dislocation of the knee cap), heart disease and sensitivities.

Swedish Vallhunds are extraordinary family dogs and well-fit to families with kids of all ages. Their high-energy, playful characters are extraordinary for children, and they are glad to play in the terrace for quite a long time a long time. They are strong dogs that wouldn’t fret taking care of and have an inconceivable amount of persistence that makes them ideal for families even with little kids. Obviously, children should in any case be shown how to appropriately collaborate with dogs to abstain from any pinching.

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