Silver German Shepherd – Does Their Color Change Their Personality?

Do you have the interest to know that the personality of the silver German shepherd does depend on its color?

Silver German Shepherds are a very uncommon breed. The silver color is like a combination of the white and cream color. It’s not a glossy silver color.

This article is going to answer this question: Does their color change the personality of the Silver German Shepherd? Keep on reading.

Silver German Shepherd

Origins Of The Silver German Shepherd

At first, it is important to mention that the Silver German Shepherd does not have any distinct history that can separate other breeds of GSD.

It refers to the fact that the personality of the Silver German Shepherd is the same as the GSD. Color can’t play a role to change the character of the SGSD (Silver German Shepherd).

If you wish to find out the history of the Silver German Shepherd, you have to go back to Germany.

Once upon a day, Max Von Stephanitz, a Cavalry officer wanted to breed the herding dog. He spent 35 years improving the breed. He creates different colors of German Shepherd.


Silver German Shepherd: Color

The color of the German Shepherd depends on the genes. Color genes are limited in dogs. For example, tan and Black parents’ Shepherds carry a solid Black gene. So, it means that black and tan genes can dominate over the generations.

However, every set of genes has two copies that can be identical or different. Suppose the two copies are different then one can domain the other. This is the interesting part of the gene in GSD. A dominant gene can carry physical characteristics while the other recessive gene does not appear.


Some Features Of The Silver German Shepherd

Look out for some features of the Silver German Shepherd.

Silver German ShepherdBreed Characteristics
AKC GroupHerding
Breed sizeMedium to large
Height24-26 inches (Male)

22-24 inches (female)

Weight66-88 pounds(Males)

49-71 pounds(Females)

TemperamentStrong, brave, alert, loyal, intelligent, independent, protective, aloof, energetic, territorial.
Lifespan10-13 yrs
Coat ColorsBlack & Silver, Black & Silver Sable, Silver-gray, Silver Sable.


Coat TypeMedium,short-medium, Double-coated, long (rare)
Health IssuesDegenerative Myelopathy, Bloat (GDV), Von Willebrand’s disease, Hip, and Elbow Dysplasia.
AppearanceDomed Forehead, Physical Build, Long Muzzle, Well-balanced, Black Nose,
Child FriendlyYes
Good for new ownersYes
Exercise NeedsMedium-high
Cost$2000 – $2500

The Appearance Of The Silver German Shepherd

As we said, the personality or behavior is the same as a German Shepherd. So, let’s discuss their appearance.

Silver GSDs are large dogs. They weigh between 50 to 90 pounds and stand between 22 to 26 inches tall. They have strong, muscular bodies with dense double coats and potential ears.

GSDs are popular for their enthusiasm, intelligence and loyalty. They are courageous and brave dogs. They quickly make relationships with their families. But, don’t think that they make friends with everyone they meet.

They are also good around the children and often it has been seen that they play as a  guardian role with their family members.

Make sure that you respect the choice of your German Shepherd Dog. Go out with your pet which helps to socialize. GSDs generally don’t like to stay alone at home for a long time. Hopefully, you will keep that in mind.


Silver German Shepherds: Purebred Or Not?

Silver German Shepherds are completely purebred. They only differ from the color of other GSDs. Besides, they are the same in health issues, traits and character as German Shepherds.

The coat color of the dog depends on the recessive gene. Hene, Silver German Shepherds are not admired among the American people. The American Kennel Club considers it one of the failures of the German Shepherd breed.


Does Coat Color Change Personality?

This is the most common question about people. So the answer is no, coats can not change the personality of the German Shepherd. You may now ask about the genetics of the silver german shepherd. Let’s elaborate on this section.

The first registered German Shepherd is the sable gene. But Black and tan German Shepherd won’t have the sable gene, which means that if tan and black German Shepherd dogs are bred together, then none of the puppies will be sable.

On the other hand, the Silver German Shepherd is categorized as a recessive gene, that’s why it could not be seen as often as some of the other colors.


Bottom Line: Stay In Touch

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your requirements.

Do you know of any other color of the German Shepherds that we have not covered in this article?

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