Portuguese Podengo Pequeno- Tough Tireless Hunting Dog for Farmers

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a purebred dog from Portugal and is the littlest of the three Portuguese Podengo size classes that are not interbred. Ready, enthusiastic, and playful, these dogs are a compact-yet charming bundle to be near. Portuguese Podengo Pequenos go by a few different names, like Podengo Portuguese, Portuguese Warren Hound, and the Portuguese Rabbit Dog.

The Podengo generally lives into its right on time to mid teenagers, with a normal lifespan of 12 to 16 years. Well-bred dogs that keep away from spinal issues might live significantly longer. This is the littlest sort of Podengo, at only 8 to 12 inches tall. They general weigh somewhere in the range of 9 and 13 pounds. They’re tough, yet versatile!

These dogs have a lot of energy, yet aren’t close to as hyper as numerous other little dogs. All things considered, they’re continually ready, hanging tight for the following an open door to play. Games are an incredible method for holding you’re your Podengo and keep them overall quite fit. When you exhaust them, they’ll cheerfully twist up on the love seat for the night.

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno dog breed


These little pups make extraordinary apartment dogs for city dwellers because of their size and temperament. They are well-appropriate for households of numerous kinds, incorporating singles and families with children, all things considered. They are very energetic and will bark now and again. If you need a playful and active pup who will cause you to remain alert, alert you to any possible risks, and love you unequivocally, this might be the right breed for you!


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Maintenance

These are energetic and agile dogs that need a lot of regular outside activities, including lively walking and jogging. They appreciate running off leash in an encased park or yard, just as taking part in dog sports like agility, flyball, and bait flowing.

The healthful requirements of Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are equivalent to they are for most dogs, with the breed doing best on a high-quality diet with a lot of protein. Do oblige specific dietary necessities if important, for example, if your Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a puppy or senior. Go ahead and give your Portuguese Podengo Pequeno a lot of healthy treats, yet keep them little if you notice any weight gain. Converse with your veterinarian if you have any inquiries or notice that your dog is acquiring an excess of weight.

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Puppy and Adult


Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is intelligent and driven, and will in general excel as a training subject. Utilize uplifting feedback just, encouraging positive behaviors and disregarding regrettable behaviors. A well-trained, well-mingled Portuguese Podengo Pequeno will be friendly toward strangers and different dogs, and will also make an excellent family member.

Grooming a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno doesn’t require a great deal of work. Observe a guideline washing plan (about once a month should get the job done), being certain to comb out their coat after the shower if it’s wiry, since any other way they may get tangles. Other great grooming practices to follow incorporate month to month nail manages, just as week by week ear cleanings and teeth brushing somewhere around five days every week. If your Portuguese Podengo Pequeno has long and additionally wiry hair, include a regular brushing with the blend as well.

Podengos are active, little dogs and need a decent walk or jog day by day, in addition to an opportunity to run and investigate week after week. Given sufficient exercise they are regularly well-mannered members of the household, yet unwinding isn’t their beloved thing. They will quite often appreciate activities like agility. The Podengo generally has a natural look, so managing isn’t required. Indeed, even the wire coat needs just week by week brushing. Long hairs around the eyes, especially in the corners, ought to be tenderly culled.

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