Ojos Azules Cat Breed Information and Maintenance

In Spanish, “Ojos Azules” translates to “blue eyes.” Just one glance at the Ojos Azules cat, and you will immediately understand how this rare and exquisite breed earned its name. Owning an Ojos Azules cat is a true privilege, as these felines are truly exceptional. Not only are they incredibly attractive, but they also possess a friendly, loyal, and playful nature. In essence, the Ojos Azules embodies everything that cat enthusiasts yearn for in a feline companion.



The breed Ojos Azules, started in the South Western United States in1984. Blue-eyed at cats were identified among a wild cat colony in New Mexico and this quality provoked the curiosity of cat fanciers. The breed can be followed back to Cornflower, a blue-eyed at female who was bred with males of a more common eye color. The outcomes were blue-eyed at cats demonstrating that the gene was dominant. The breed was perceived by The International Cat Association, (TICA) in 1991.

Ojos Azules Cat Breed


The Ojos Azules cat is a breed known for its beautiful blue eyes. They are small in size, weighing around 5 to 7 pounds and standing at 8 to 10 inches tall. Despite their petite appearance, they are strong and agile. Ojos Azules cats can have different colors and patterns in their fur, but the most notable feature is their intense blue eyes, which can be seen in cats of any fur color. They typically live for 12 to 15 years.



The medium-sized Ojos Azules cat is known for its pale blue eyes, which are enormous and round. The neck is curved. The tail is proportionate to the cat’s body. The head is to some degree three-sided in engrave. It has a somewhat adjusted brow, and a precise gag. The nose has a slight break. Coat is short, silky and happens in various varieties and examples. It is interesting to take note of that these uncommon and recently found cat breeds are for the most part viewed as in nature. Obviously, it is generally some time before they are perceived as a breed. It was found that the blue-peered toward cats ought to be bred with a cat with different-shaded eyes.



Ojos Azules require no particular feed, so ensure you pick a brand that involves great genuine meat as the main protein source. If genuine meat is recorded as the primary ingredient, that is a decent sign! Some Ojos Azules will appreciate canned food, and others will prefer kibble, and you might decide to feed a mix of both or settle on a crude diet. It’s in every case best to feed a brand that has been designed specifically for the specific life-phase of your cat. Kittens can benefit from food that contains the additional nutrients and minerals that they need to develop further and healthy, while indoor cats might require food designed to assist with controlling their weight or prevent hairballs.



Ojos Azules cats requires a delicate and careful approach to maintain their unique features. These cats have short and smooth fur, so they need regular brushing to prevent matting and excessive shedding. Professional groomers should use gentle brushes with soft bristles to avoid discomfort and skin damage. Bathing should be limited because their skin is sensitive, but when necessary, gentle cat shampoos should be used. Grooming sessions also provide an opportunity to clean the cat’s ears and trim their nails.

Ojos Azules Kittens


Ojos Azules cats can be trained to utilize the litter box and learn other straightforward stunts by utilizing positive reinforcement. This intends that by permitting your cat to relate the behaviors they should use to do a specific activity, for example, utilizing the litter box, you want to ensure they partner it with something positive. You can utilize healthy treats to remunerate your cat during the training system, or you can commend them so they begin to discover that they are accomplishing something great. A few cats will take more time to train than others, and it very well may be simpler for a kitten to be trained than a more seasoned cat who has proactively taken in specific behaviors as they were growing up.



Since the Ojos Azules cat is still genuinely rare, there isn’t abundantly realized about specific health conditions that this breed might be inclined toward. We referenced that thought breeding two Ojos Azules cats might cause genetic transformations that outcome in mind deformations and stillbirths, yet this is as yet being explored. Other health conditions that generally affect domestic cats are dental illness and feline diabetes, particularly as the cat ages. Overweight cats are bound to get feline diabetes too. Taking care of your cat a healthy diet as well as taking him to the vet routinely can assist with guaranteeing that your cat stays healthy and that any health conditions are gotten early and treated.


Bottom Line

The Ojos Azules cat breed is extremely rare, and it will probably require you a great deal of investment to track down a legitimate breeder, however they make fantastic companions. These blue-looked at cats adjust to pretty much any family circumstance and are perfect with children and different pets.

Ojos Azules cats are cordial, sweet, and cuddly. They are an ideal pet for people or families who invest a great deal of energy at home since they could do without to be abandoned for a really long time.

The International Cat Association is as yet finding out about this breed step by step since they are so new. Make sure to properly investigate things prior to bringing a pet into your life. They require a ton of persistence, yet the adoration and satisfaction that they bring are worth the effort!

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