Ocicat Cat Breed Information and Maintenance

The ocicat is a wild-looking feline breed with domestic origins, reared from a combination of Abyssinian, Siamese, and American shorthair cat. Regardless of their appearance, ocicats are completely domestic, social, and lively. Referred to affectionately as “Ocis,” this breed is very voice delicate and could do without being scolded, however answers well to praise.This breed’s body is athletic, very much muscled and features a tight, shorthaired coat that emits a glossy silk sheen. The wedge-formed head sports almond-molded brilliant eyes ringed with mascara-like markings and a strong jawline.



The Ocicat cat breed is a moderately new breed of cat that resulted from a few experimental matings during the 1960s in America. Breeders were attempting to produce an Abyssinian pointed Siamese yet rather produced a kitten with an astounding coat of gold spots on an ivory foundation. He seemed to be the wild Ocelot, subsequently the name Ocicat. American Shorthairs were introduced into the breeding program, which brought the wonderful silver colors and strong musculature and bone. In 1988 the main Ocicats showed up in Britain.

Ocicat Cat Breed


Ocicats are muscular and athletic cats that come in various colors, such as brownish, chocolate, blue, cinnamon, lavender, and fawn. They are generally larger than typical house cats, with males weighing up to 15 pounds. They have wedge-shaped heads, big oval paws, and triangular ears set at a 45-degree angle. Ocicats can live for 15 to 18 years.



Ocicat is active, affectionate, and extremely social and versatile cat breed. Ocicats will quite often bond with just a single individual and favor that individual’s company to all others, despite the fact that they are friendly and affectionate to others in the family. They coexist well with different animals and individuals, and value an animal companion to stay with them if left alone for any time span. Like their Abyssinian ancestors, Ocicats love to perform really thinking about tapping dances on top of your shelves for your entertainment. They are an active breed and require a fair plan of room and a lot of toys and redirections to keep them involved. Like their Siamese ancestors, Ocicats are vocal, however not annoyingly so. They need to inform you regarding their day when you come home around evening time, yet they won’t exhaust you with everything about.



As far as its diet, the Ocicat cat breed is clear, having similar dietary necessities as other cats. If picking dry food, ensure it is of a great. It should contain every one of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your cat needs for long haul great health. With dry food you ought to likewise guarantee that it has an extremely low water content. To compensate, you ought to ensure that your cat hydrates. With wet food, you want to ensure your cat eats it as quickly as time permits whenever you have filled its bowl. If not, it will before long become infested with flies, meaning your cat will not appreciate it and will doubtlessly leave it. Ensure that this is in a different spot to the food bowl to address the cat’s regular feeding conditions.



The Ocicat’s coat is extremely low maintenance and doesn’t need normal brushing. Their nails, notwithstanding, ought to be trimmed month to month. Nails that become too lengthy can harm your cat’s paw pads — prompting agony, infection, or difficulty strolling or utilizing the litter box. Dental care is likewise center to any prepping routine. Starting in kittenhood, acclimate your Ocicat cat breed to standard at-home teeth cleaning, as well as occasional tests and professional cleanings.

Ocicat Kittens


Ocicats are intelligent and propelled, making them an extraordinary training accomplice. Utilizing positive reinforcement with a lot of treats, you can show your Ocicat cat breed a large number of commands, which makes certain to dazzle guests! Whenever they’ve been trained to acknowledge a harness and leash, Ocicats love the chance to investigate their area, and this is an extraordinary method for keeping them mentally and physically active.



Ocicats regularly appreciate great health, but they in all actuality do can possibly develop some realized health issues including progressive retinal atrophy, renal amyloidosis, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. While these aren’t common concerns, they’re worth looking for. One out of each and every three cats in the United States is overweight or fat. What’s more, those additional pounds can contribute to other health risks — like joint pain, diabetes, and heart problems. Your veterinarian is the best asset for tips on dealing with your cat’s weight.


Bottom Line

The delicate and lively Ocicat cat breed is appropriate to life with families with children and cat-accommodating canines. He can learn stunts, appreciates interactive toys, and cherishes the consideration he gets from children who treat him considerately and with deference. Regulate small kids and tell them the best way to pleasantly pet the cat. Rather than holding or conveying the cat, have them sit on the floor and pet him.

Almost certainly, the Ocicat will overwhelm different cats in the family and may try and run the canines. Continuously introduce any pets, much different cats, gradually and in a controlled setting.

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