Learn about the health benefits of owning a pet

With no additional efforts, pets perfectly manage to bring joy to their lives. 

The everyday stress and regular routines make things way irritating and tedious. 

But owning a pet makes us laugh, shares an unconditional bond, comforts us when upset or sick, and most importantly, is always there for us no matter what. 

Since there are many basic advantages like emotional and moral support of having a pet, you will undoubtedly be astonished by looking at other benefits. 

Let us dive into the health benefits of having a pet. 


Benefits of getting a pet! 

health benefits of a pet

They keep you fit

All pets including emotional support dog require regular walks to stay healthy and happy. 

And so do we! 

But due to the busy schedules, it is often complicated to find time for that.

Having a pet beside you can help you stay fit due to their daily requirement of indulging in physical activities. 


Facilitates lowering stress

Even the research states that unless someone dislikes animals or is too busy to care for themselves, owning pets can provide stress relief, excellent social and emotional support, and several other health benefits.

And the author further added that when the world changed, people found themselves with so much free time at home. 

People got more time to play, exercise, and train, all of which helped reinforce the bond between animals and humans. 


Enhances mood

It is nearly impossible to stay in a bad mood with a furry friend. The research also supports the mood-enhancing benefits owning a pet provides. 

In 2017, a study stated that people with AIDS were less likely to suffer from depression because of owning a pet. 

So, in addition to the stress relief, social support, and other general health benefits that a pet brings, the enhancement of the mood is also one of them. 


Reduces Blood pressure

It might sound weird, but this is true! 

Inhibiting ACE drugs can generally reduce the bp; they are not much effective in managing the blood pressure spikes because of tension and stress. 

And since the mid-’80s, research has concluded the positive effects of having a social interaction with companion animals. Therefore, the study has suggested positive psychological effects, mainly lowering the blood pressure. 


Endows Social Support

Things become more approachable whenever we go out with our pets, giving people a reason to stop and talk. 

This indirectly enhances the number of people we meet and allows us to have a more comprehensive network of friends with greater stress management advantages. 

Even Darren M. Jorgenson from Fast ESA Letter also supports the statements by emphasizing the social skills an ESA have and their importance in enhancing mental health. 


Offers unconditional love and support

Pets can offer unconditional love and support in ways you might have never imagined.

They are lovely snuggles that can help you enjoy the silence and only keep your secrets a secret. 

In short, it is considered the best antidote to loneliness.

You will be astonished that one study found that nursing home residents experienced and reported less loneliness when visited by the dogs alone. 

These benefits can eradicate stress and take people out of their isolation. 


Petting a four-legged buddy can boost feel-good hormones

Pets indeed enjoy their owners lavishing them with the desired attention. 

But several studies also suggest that having a pet can provide hormonal benefits too. 

A small study published in Oct 2017 found that petting dogs are associated with higher levels of feeling good hormones oxytocin and lower stress levels hormone cortisol. 


Provide Companionship

Companionship is one of the foremost benefits that owning pets ensures. 

It not only helps prevent illness but also adds years to your life. 

Loneliness and isolation can trigger ample depression symptoms, but having a companion all the time is what makes you feel wanted and takes away your problems. 


Can a person living with stress benefit from any pet?

Since cats and dogs are popular pets, it cannot be said that only these two provide benefits. 

All kinds of pets can provide benefits and help enrich people’s lives.

All types of pets can provide social, emotional, and physical benefits. Even looking at the fish in an aquarium is considered meditation.


Final Takeaway!

While thinking of reducing stress in life, people often think of some natural activities that may help them lower it rather than sticking to some potent medications. 

Apart from yoga and meditation, having a pet also offers ample health and physical benefits, as mentioned above. 

However, it is also essential to understand that pet ownership is not for everyone. It comes with additional responsibilities. So, count on it if you are ready for all the duties. 

After all, it is to reduce the stress, not increase it.

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