Lagotto Romagnolo- Well-boned Muscular Excellent Companion Dog

by Riya Agarwal

Lagotto Romagnolo signifies “lake dog from Romagna,” which is a decent name for this breed, considering these dogs originally helped hunt waterfowl through the wet marshlands of Romagna in Italy.

They’re also known as Italian Water Dogs and Romagna Water Dogs. Today, with large numbers of the marshlands of the breed’s homeland depleted, these dogs have observed another purpose in truffle hunting. People can easily train them to involve their super noses for scent work. Lagottos’ thick coats assist them with remaining warm in fall and winter while shielding them from thistles and trash as they go through forests.

Standing 16-19 inches and tallness and gauging 24-35 pounds, the Lagotto Romagnolo has a wavy, woolen-looking coat. Their coats are waterproof and can arrive in a variety of shadings, from cream to brown, or even white. Some also have roan, orange, or brown patches. Their thick coats are not highly shed. Their enormous, dark eyes rush to enlist movement, a holdover from their initial days as hunters and retrievers.

Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Breed


Lagotto Romagnolos can also make loving, active, easygoing household pets with not many requests. Their hypoallergenic coats are great for sensitivity victims, however those coats require a decent arrangement of maintenance. Thus, if you can stay aware of grooming and brushing and you need a dedicated, easily-trained companion – or somebody to assist you with hunting for flavorful truffles – then, at that point, this dog might fit right in with your family.


Lagotto Romagnolo Maintenance

Lagotto Romagnolo is an intelligent working breed that should be kept well-practiced and appropriately enhanced around the house. All things considered, they are not quite so occupied as a few other working breeds. They can be somewhat more laid-back around the home, and this can make them engaging in any event, for those residing in an apartment.

Lagotto Romagnolo isn’t fussy eater. By the by, guarantee that your pet’s diet contains premium dog food. Attempt to change its diet by taking care of your dog both dry and wet food. Furthermore, on the grounds that these pets are highly active animals, guarantee that their food is wealthy in calories.

With regards to taking care of recurrence, consider giving food to your Lagotto 3-4 times each day rather than a few times. That is a direct result of Lagotto’s food rich-calorie nature. It spurs weight gain when consumed in enormous amounts on the double.

Like most wearing breeds, Lagottos require an active, involved lifestyle to keep them cheerful. They are not hyperactive and needn’t bother with much exercise, however they require physical and mental advancement. Despite the fact that Lagotto will appreciate and profit from time outside, the breed may not do well when left to live outside without family association. Lagotto Romagnolo requires investing energy with its family to be sincerely steady and content.

Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs in Jungle


Lagotto can be a decent decision for people that experience the ill effects of dog hair sensitivities. No dog is genuinely hypoallergenic; it is generally expected the dander on the skin that can cause an issue. The Lagotto, however, scarcely sheds, so this implies you won’t have a hair-filled home. Their coat should be groomed out regularly to keep it from becoming tangled, tangled, and awkward. A few owners like to shave these dogs’ hair short in the late spring when the dogs are outside in high hotness.

Their ears are hairier than certain breeds to assist with keeping them from becoming waterlogged, yet this additional hair can in some cases become overgrown and cause a build-up of wax and flotsam and jetsam. They might have to have overabundance hair eliminated occasionally to forestall this issue.

If you are looking for a loving, dedicated, and active dog that will live with your family for quite a while, think about the Lagotto Romagnolo as your next pet. By and by, you must be prepared to assist them with meeting their comprehensive requirements since they are working poodles. All things considered, Lagotto Romagnolo is a great pet that will add life to your home.

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