Kurilian Bobtail Cat Breed Information and Maintenance

The Kurilian Bobtail cat is a special breed with a short but strong bobbed tail and a wild look. They are known for being affectionate and playful, and make great companions for families or individuals. They can adapt to living indoors or outdoors, but need mental stimulation to stay entertained. In summary, the Kurilian Bobtail cat is a beautiful, intelligent, and charming pet.



The Kurilian Bobtail is a cat breed believed to have originated from the Kuril Islands, claimed by Japan and Russia. These cats have lived on the islands for over 200 years and some have even been seen in central Russia. They are known for their excellent climbing and hunting skills, making them great companions for hunters. The breed is relatively rare, but more common in Europe and Russia than in the United States. In 2012, it was granted title status by the International Cat Association.

Kurilian Bobtail Cat breed


Kurilian Bobtail Cat breed is a medium sized cat compared to different breeds. It is good, proportional, and all around built. This likewise gives the Kurilian Bobtail Cat a characterizing difference when compared to different breeds. While weighing between 8 lbs (3.6 kg) to 15 lbs (6.8 kg) the Kurilian Bobtail Cat breed may be exactly the thing you are searching for. Kurilian Bobtails are recognized by great health and satisfy 15-20 years.



The character of the Kurilian Bobtail cat is free, exceptionally savvy, smart, curious, friendly, lively, trainable, missing animosity and extremely delicate. They are committed to their people and when permitted are either on the lap of or snoozing bed with their owners. They adjust well to different cats, children, dogs and other family pets. They are incredible jumpers and are leaned to study their domain from the most noteworthy point that anyone could hope to find to them. Exceptionally shrewd they should be shown or told just once what they are permitted or what is prohibited, however it really depends on the singular cat to do their own will as per their mind-set.



Obesity is a worry among cats overall. Cats ought not be overloaded or permitted to become overweight. Keeping your Kurilian Bobtail at an ideal weight can lessen the occurrence of specific health issues like diabetes, coronary illness, and joint pain. Feed your Kurilian Bobtail estimated measures of food at regular meal times. Free-feeding (leaving food out the entire day), prompts careless nibbling, which can add to an overweight cat. Ask your vet to recommend a quality healthy food for your Kurilian Bobtail cat.



This breed’s delicate, silky coat can be short or semi-long and doesn’t tangle without any problem. A weekly brushing to eliminate dead hairs and distribute skin oils is all it needs to remain spotless and healthy. The coat sheds pretty much nothing and is water safe. The main other grooming the Kurilian Bobtail cat requires is regular nail managing and ear cleaning. Clean his teeth at home with a vet-endorsed pet toothpaste, and timetable veterinary dental cleanings depending on the situation. Begin brushing, nail managing and teeth cleaning early, so your cat is bound to acknowledge these activities.

Kurilian Bobtail Kittens


This breed is outstandingly athletic and will flaunt its capacity to arrive at high paces, make sharp turns, and move as high as conceivable whenever it is offered the chance. Kurilian Bobtail cats are profoundly trainable, and may see the value in figuring out how to stroll on a leash so they may securely partake in the outside. Inside, Kurilian Bobtail cat requires various scratching posts, something like one tough cat tree, and a lot of invigorating toys. These cats value seats by the window that furnish them with a perspective on the outside, especially if a bird feeder is involved.



While all cat breeds positively have the chance of developing health conditions, the Kurilian Bobtail cat absolutely doesn’t experience the ill effects of however many diseases as some other cat breeds. As a vigorous natural breed, they’re thought of as incredibly healthy. A piece of this is, obviously, down to their natural legacy, yet on the other side of the coin, we don’t yet know that much about this breed, so there could be issues that haven’t been found at this point.


Bottom Line

Kurilian Bobtail cat is an incredible fit with young children, mainly in light of the fact that this is an active and lively breed. Simply be sure that early socialization occurs and limits are appropriately set on the two sides – and manage early interactions between child and cat.

With regards to other family pets, the Kurilian Bobtail charges well with numerous domestic animals, including dogs. However, consistently oversee early interactions between the new cat and existing pets, particularly smaller ones that may be viewed as prey by the cat.

At last, early socialization truly pays off with this breed. Try to compensate your Kurilian Bobtail cat for good way of behaving while you bring them home to your family!

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