Khao Manee Cat Breed Information and Maintenance

The Khao Manee, also known as the Cow Maneee, is a rare breed of cat originally from Thailand. It has a long and ancient lineage and was considered a symbol of good luck. It was particularly popular among Thai royalty. The breed was initially kept and bred by the Siam royals, along with other special colored cats like the Siamese. Breeders in Thailand are working to preserve and maintain the Khao Manee’s genetic traits and standards. In the Western world, breeders are still in the process of establishing and developing the breed.



The Khao Manee is an ancient breed of cat from Thailand that has a rich history and is highly valued by Thai aristocrats. It was first mentioned in a famous 14th-century book of poetry dedicated to cats. Despite being introduced to the US in 1999 and the UK in 2009, it is still a very rare breed, making it even more desirable.

Khao Manee Cat Breed


Khao Manee is a little to medium-sized cat. As is consistently the situation, exact size principles could fluctuate. It becomes somewhere in the range of 10 and 12 inches and weighing somewhere in the range of 8 and 10 pounds. It is a sound breed with an expected lifespan of 10-12 years.



Human friendship is crucial for your beloved Khao Manee. This breed craves a significant amount of attention, making it essential to never leave her alone for extended periods. When left to her own devices, this feline can become melancholic and feel neglected. Therefore, a family with an abundance of time and devotion is the ideal match for this highly sociable cat.



While the Khao Manee is remarkable by their own doing, this breed requires no unique diet. They have similar wholesome prerequisites as some other feline. It is essential to pick high quality food that incorporates genuine meat proteins, like chicken, hamburger, turkey, and fish. Both dry and wet food is adequate. A few owners like to blend both wet and dry food at eating times, while others pick only either. Remember that dry food can assist with scratching tartar away, while wet food can stall out in a cat’s teeth and create issues like terrible breath and even gum disease.



The Khao Manee is a low maintenance cat that requires just negligible grooming. The fur is smooth, delicate, and short. Since they have practically no undercoat, they shed very little. The Khao Manee cat’s smooth short coat sheds just decently and is not difficult to really focus on. Brush on more than one occasion per week to eliminate free hair and to keep the coat polished and delicate. A shower like clockwork additionally keeps the coat feeling, looking and smelling pleasant. To keep the coat shining white, have a go at utilizing a lighting up cleanser made particularly for white cats. Like all cats, the Khao Manee needs its nails trimmed at regular intervals. Really take a look at the ears week after week for soil, cleaning with a pet-safe ear cleaner if they look grimy. If you see redness or excessively messy ears, make a meeting with your veterinarian for an exam.

Khao Manee kittens


Khao Manee cat breeds loves to play a round of get. Since they are exceptionally social and very much want to be in whatever is going on, it doesn’t take a lot to get them keen on playing. They gain proficiency with the litter box rapidly, as well as scratching posts. Encouraging feedback is key in training these cats. At the point when your Khao Manee shows an invited and positive behavior, reward them. Continuously have a lot of treats accessible for training, and consistently compensation for good or helpful behavior. With time and tolerance, your Khao Manee will be trained in a matter of moments, particularly with their knowledge.



Khao Manee cats are natural breed, they’re typically less responsible to genetic problems. Subsequently, one wellbeing worry for the Khao sirenian vertebrate is hearing weakness. All-white animals of any sort and breed are in a real sense a great deal at risk to hearing disability, because of a grouping that connects each unadulterated white fur and issues with the maze. It’s not satisfactory what amount it specifically influences the Khao Manee breed, but cat clubs in all actuality do propose testing kittens for hearing weakness.


Bottom Line

The Khao Manee is an extraordinary fit with small kids, not least on the grounds that the breed is so cordial and fun loving. Simply be certain that early socialization happens and limits are appropriately set on the two sides – and manage early collaborations among children and cats.

With regards to other family pets, the Khao Manee passages well with numerous homegrown animals, including canines. Continuously regulate early connections between the new cat and existing pets, too.

Eventually, early socialization truly pays off with this breed. Make a point to remunerate your Khao Manee for good behavior while you bring them home to your family!

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