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Posting Rules

Before posting on this forum, kindly read the rules below first:


  • Post in most relevent Thread.
  • NO personal attacks will be tolerated, no exceptions!

No hard language is permitted. If you feel you absolutely must swear the use of Stars (*) can convey your feeling with out endangering your place in our forums. Saying “S***!” is allowed. Saying “YOU S***!” is never allowed, ever!!

  • Posting links to commercial websites is not allowed. This is to protect our members from commercially driven threads. Exceptions may be made if a product is deemed original and may be beneficial to members. These exceptions are left to the discretion of administrators and moderators. Promoting traffic or adding links to another pet forum site to lure members to join is also not allowed.
  • Political and religious discussions have no place here therefore they are not allowed.
  • Creating multiple threads of the same topic on multiple different sections of the forum is not allowed. This will result in all bar one post being removed, and a warning being given, or in the worst cases immediate banning.
  • Spamming is not allowed. Any member who creates spam posts will have such posts deleted and will be instantly banned.