English Cocker Spaniel- Intelligent Curious Apartment Living Hunting Dog

The English Cocker Spaniel is a compactly built donning dog remaining between 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder. The delicately formed head, with its dim, dissolving eyes that pass on a ready and dignified articulation, is outlined by lavish, close-lying ears. The medium-length coat, found in a variety of striking tones and examples, is luxurious to the touch. ‘Balance’ is a catchphrase in understanding the breed: The EC is balanced in temperament, construction, and development. Underneath the EC’s actual beauty pulsates the heart of an enthusiastic, anxious to-please hunter’s partner, famous the world over for his capacity to flush and recover gamebirds. For the individuals who incline toward more homegrown pursuits, there is not any more charming and pleasing household companion.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a medium-size dog breed with long ears and a cheerful attitude. The “Cocker” in their name comes from their long periods of hunting woodcock in England, albeit English Cockers have been utilized to hunt numerous different sorts of birds also.

English Cocker Spaniel Dog breed


They make extraordinary companion dogs for people who can give them the activity they need. Indeed, even apartment dwellers will love this loving and versatile pup.


English Cocker Spaniel Dog Maintenance

Before getting back an English Cocker Spaniel, you’ll need to find out about this breed so you can develop a suitable care plan. The normal health concerns, temperament, wholesome necessities, and different variables should be in every way thought about when you intend to care for your new dog.

When taking care of your dog, it is critical to ensure you screen their caloric admission and every day practice levels. Since this breed regularly dislikes corpulence, you need to be proactive to keep your dog from confronting this health concern.

Regardless of whether you have a grown-up or puppy, you will need to choose a high-quality dog food that will meet their nourishing requirements. Grown-ups ought to eat somewhere close to 1 and 2 cups of food every day. Once more, keep their activity level, weight, health concerns, and other significant variables when choosing the amount of food to take care of your dog. You should isolate their food into two meals every day.

English Cocker Spaniel puppy


While picking food for a puppy, search for a food that is extraordinarily planned for puppies. More youthful puppies have a more modest stomach than older puppies and grown-ups. Along these lines, they should eat more modest, more continuous meals. You should plan of taking care of puppies that are as long as 4 months old four meals every day. Puppies somewhere in the range of 4 and a half year ought to eat three meals every day. When a puppy is a half year old, they ought to have the option to deal with eating two meals every day.

English Cocker Spaniel dog breeds are not a low-maintenance dog. Their coat should be brushed and combed to some extent once per week to hold their fur back from getting tangled and tangled. You will also have to plan meetings with the groomer or trim their hair around their feet, face, and tail all alone. This ought to be done once each month. If you anticipate doing this managing on your own you can purchase a couple of trimmers, a stripping instrument, and shears.

As well as dealing with their coat, you will also have to clean their ears and ensure that wax or garbage aren’t building up in them. A month to month nail trim and continuous tooth brushing will also be significant with this dog breed.

At the point when encouraging feedback is utilized, these dogs can be extremely easy to train. They expect to please their owners, which simplifies the training system. It is vital to note, however, that this breed reacts ineffectively to negative training strategies. Remain positive and deal a great deal of commendation if you are searching for the best outcomes.

As well as training your dog, you will also need to make certain to mingle him since the beginning. This can assist with guaranteeing that he changes well to others, pets, and places.

English Cocker Spaniel sitting in field


You will need to ensure that your English Cocker Spaniel gets a lot of activity every day. This breed appreciates playing, strolling, or climbing with their family members. Since these dogs were bred to chase dogs, their activity requirements are higher than some different breeds. Furthermore, since this breed is inclined to heftiness, ensuring your dog stays active can assist with forestalling this issue too.

If you are getting back a puppy, make certain to puppy-confirmation your home first. Eliminate whatever might be possibly unsafe to the puppy or that you wouldn’t have any desire to see destroyed by the dog. You will also need to ensure you are ready for the appearance of your new puppy. Purchase food, treats, a crate, a bed, a restraint and leash, and different supplies before the new dog returns home.

In the wake of bringing your puppy home, make certain to plan a meeting with your veterinarian. Stay up with the latest on their inoculations and have your veterinarian screen your dog for any health concerns. Remember that puppies have a more modest stomach than a completely grown dog. You’ll need to take care of your puppy more modest, more continuous meals along these lines.

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