Cockalier Dog- Mix of Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cockalier is a hybrid dog — a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel dog breeds. Friendly, delicate, and intelligent, these pups acquired probably the best traits from both of their folks.

The Cockalier is one of the most tender and loving mixed dog breeds around. They are loving and loyal and will rapidly frame lifelong bonds with any people who show them love and generosity. They are intelligent and typically take well to training, making them an ideal choice for first time dog owners.

While Cockaliers are high energy canines, they can also adjust to living in apartments or more modest spaces – insofar as enough exercise is given. If you’ve searching for a loyal and loving dog with an extraordinary temperament, most certainly consider taking on one of these pups.

Cockalier Dog Breed


The Cockalier is typically a generally little dog given neither the Cavalier or Cocker Spaniel breeds are especially large. They’ll as a rule develop to be somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 inches tall, while they can weigh anyplace somewhere in the range of 10 and 28 pounds.


Cockalier Dog Maintenance

The Cockalier is a medium-maintenance dog, really great for unpracticed owners. Grooming, taking care of, and training ought to be straightforward, however exercise and socialization will require additional time and exertion. Luckily, on account of this present dog’s delicate and laid back temperament, quite a bit of its care routine ought to be without bother.

The Cockalier will require a high-quality diet with a lot of protein, healthy fats, and complex sugars. Meat, chicken, and fish are largely great wellsprings of food. The specific amount ought to be predictable with its size and activity level. Carefully screen its taking care of admission and limit treats to forestall weight gain.

As a light shedder, the Cockalier ought to be brushed a couple of times each week to eliminate free hair and keep it looking quite spotless. It has no other unique grooming requirements, however owners ought to never disregard different parts of its care. You should manage the nails about once every month to keep them from breaking and tapping on the floor; this can cause the dog agony and distress. Look at the ears regularly for indications of contaminations and wipe them out as needs be. At last, you can figure a decent oral care routine with the assistance of your vet to forestall gum and tooth disease.

Cockalier Puppies in Field


The Cockalier is a highly trainable dog, both anxious to learn and receptive to human orders. Encouraging feedback techniques can assist a piece with inspiration, yet this dog ought to be an active and excited member in its training.

As a result of its strong hunting legacy, the Cockalier might require over an hour of activity consistently. Long strolls won’t be sufficient. This dog loves to pursue and pursue balls or circles. It’s also an enthusiastic member in nimbleness and hunting difficulties and excels at swimming. A fenced yard is suggested so you can allow it to play without stressing over it straying. At the point when it’s on the leash, a strong tackle is also prescribed to forestall injury in the event that your dog jumps at different animals.

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