Clumber Spaniel- Dog Breed with a Wide Body and Short Legs

The Clumber Spaniel dog breed was originally made to find and recover game birds for hunters. Today, there is a work to restore the Clumber Spaniel as an outstanding gundog, and numerous Clumber Spaniels compete in field preliminaries.

They can also be found in the show ring and competing in following, submission, rally, and other dog sports. Last, however most certainly not least, they make super family companions. If you’re searching for an intelligent, versatile, and warm dearest companion, this might be the best breed for you!

The biggest of the game flushing spaniels, the Clumber is an unequivocally built dog whose low height gives a false representation of its generous size. Built to barrel through underbrush and defeat precarious landscape, the Clumber spaniel isn’t enthusiastic about speed however is relentless on the scent of a bird.

Clumber Spaniel Dog Breed


These spaniels are enormous dogs with a medium-length thick coat. A male develops to be 19 inches tall at the wilts whereas a female arrives at 18 inches tall. As far as weight, a male weighs as much as 85 pounds while a female weighs as much as 70 pounds. Eight-week-old puppies weigh around 8 pounds. These dogs are completely grown at 3 years of age.


Clumber Spaniel Dog Maintenance

Perhaps the most ideal way to get ready for another puppy or grown-up dog is to find out however much with regards to the breed as could be expected. Calculating in its health issues, diet, exercise, and grooming needs can assist an owner with giving care to this pet.

Clumber spaniel puppies and grown-up dogs have different sorts of diets. Their nourishing requirements change after some time and taking care of them the legitimate supplements can assist with taking off specific health issues.

A legitimate diet for Clumber spaniel puppies must incorporate protein. Protein contains amino acids that add to healthy development of muscles and tissue. Also, protein gives the supplements expected to grow a healthy coat. Fat in a puppy’s diet furnishes them with the energy they need to go around and investigate their current circumstance.

Clumber Spaniel Puppies


Furthermore, fat in a puppy’s diet upholds mind and vision development. Vitamin E conveys cancer prevention agents to help a puppy’s developing insusceptible framework. A strong invulnerable framework can forestall a portion of the normal health issues looked by Clumber spaniels. Omega 3 unsaturated fats can decrease aggravation in a puppy’s ears and may help in the battle against Otitis externa.

Grown-up Clumber spaniels need fat in their diet to maintain their energy level. Obviously, grown-ups are less active than puppies, so they need a more modest amount of fat in their food. Protein in a Clumber spaniel’s diet keeps on strengthening muscle and tissue. Vitamin A backings eye health in these dogs. Zinc and phosphorus support a grown-up dog’s resistant framework which can help in the fight against ear contaminations (Otitis externa).

It’s ideal to brush a dog beginning at its head, then, at that point, moving in the natural bearing of its coat toward its tail. A huge slicker brush is a compelling grooming instrument for disposing of free and dead hair from its thick coat. A delicate fiber brush can be utilized on this current dog’s face.

One more piece of the grooming routine ought to clean the dog’s ears. Eliminate the flotsam and jetsam in the dog’s ears with a delicate cleaning arrangement uniquely made for a dog’s ears. A delicate material ought to be utilized on this touchy skin. Cleaning a Clumber spaniel’s ears can assist with forestalling ear contaminations. An owner who’s uncertain with regards to how to clean the ears of this bird dog should seek a veterinarian for direction.

The Clumber spaniel is easy to train because of its intelligence. Owners must remember that these dogs can be distracted reasonably easily by any scents going through the air. Short acquiescence training meetings are the most effective way to go.

Clumber Spaniel in Field


This dog needs a moderate amount of activity to remain healthy. An activity time of 30 to 40 minutes every day is suggested. The combination of a Clumber spaniel’s stocky body and short legs makes it inclined to taking on overabundance weight. Giving this dog practice consistently can assist with forestalling superfluous weight gain.

Strolling in the forest, visiting a dog park, playing bring, or tossing a ball around in the terrace are on the whole fun activities for this dog. Remember that it has short legs, so it will not have the option to take immense strides like a bigger canine!

A Clumber spaniel is one of the many breeds of dog that can live in an apartment. Obviously, an owner should ensure the dog gets something like 30 minutes of activity outside every day to keep it in great condition.

The Clumber partakes in a day by day excursion, however his activity requirements can be met with a long stroll on leash or a relaxed climb in the field. The coat needs brushing a few times week by week, albeit in dirty areas it might require more continuous washing to keep his coat a sparkling white. Clumbers will more often than not slobber and, now and again, wheeze.

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