Cirneco Dell’Etna- A Versatile Pet Dog, Suitable for Any Lifestyle

The Cirneco dellEtna, also known as Cirneco, Sicilian Hound or Sicilian Greyhound, is a versatile pet dog that can adapt to different lifestyles. They can live in apartments or rural areas and are medium-sized with great endurance and agility. They are perfect exercise partners for active individuals or families who enjoy outdoor activities. They have a gentle temperament and get along well with children and other pets. However, they need consistent training and mental stimulation to prevent behavior issues. With proper care, they are loyal and loving companions.



The Cirneco DellEtna is an ancient dog breed from Sicily, Italy, known for hunting small game in tough areas. It is named after Mount Etna and believed to come from the Pharaoh Hound. The Cirneco Dell’Etna was recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) relatively recently, attesting to its rising popularity as a versatile hunting companion.

Sicilian Cirneco Dell'Etna Dog Breed


The Cirneco DellEtna is a medium-sized hound that is lean and agile. They can reach a height of 16-20 inches and weigh between 18-26 pounds. Their coat color can vary from beige to chestnut brown and they may have white markings on their chests or toes. These dogs have an average lifespan of 12-14 years, making them faithful lifelong companions for dedicated owners.



The Cirneco dell’Etna dog, an ancient breed native to Sicily, possesses a distinct personality that sets it apart as an extraordinary companion. Known for its intelligence and loyalty, this dog is eager to please its owner and exhibits a gentle and friendly demeanor towards both family members and strangers alike. Though slightly reserved at first, they quickly warm up to those they trust, making them excellent family pets.



The Cirneco dell’Etna thrives on a diet rich in high-quality protein sources like poultry or fish. With their active nature and muscular build, they require a well-balanced diet that provides adequate energy levels without predisposing them to weight gain. Additionally, incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables can enhance their overall health by providing essential vitamins and minerals. A professional approach towards feeding this remarkable breed includes regular monitoring of portion sizes to prevent overfeeding while maintaining optimum nutrition for their wellbeing.



Grooming is important for the Cirneco dell’Etna dog, but it doesn’t require a lot of work. Their short coat only needs regular brushing to maintain its sleek appearance and prevent tangles. Bathing once a month is usually enough unless they get really dirty. Check their ears regularly for signs of infection or wax buildup, and trim their nails as needed to avoid discomfort. Since they are active dogs, regular exercise is important for their overall health and muscle tone. Grooming sessions also provide an opportunity to check their skin, look for pests or abnormalities, and monitor their well-being.

Cirneco Dell'Etna Puppies


Training a Cirneco dell’Etna dog requires a systematic and disciplined approach. These dogs have strong hunting instincts and can be stubborn, so starting training early with consistent leadership and positive reinforcement is important. Socialization is key, exposing them to different environments, people, and animals. Physical and mental exercise, like agility courses or scent work, is essential. Being patient, consistent, and communicating clearly will help shape them into obedient companions with good recall.



The Cirneco dell’Etna is generally a healthy breed, but there are some health concerns that owners should be aware of. One main issue is hip dysplasia, which can cause joint pain and arthritis. Autoimmune diseases like lupus or pemphigus can also affect them, leading to skin lesions and swollen joints. Eye problems such as cataracts or retinal dysplasia may occur if not bred or screened properly. Due to their thin skin and short hair, they are prone to sunburns and other skin issues in excessive sunlight. Regular vet check-ups are important for their overall health and to address any potential problems.


Bottom Line

The Cirneco dell’Etna is a rare but increasingly popular sighthound breed from Sicily. It is known for its independent and affectionate nature, making it low-maintenance and easy to care for. This relatively new breed is a great choice for busy families or first-time dog owners looking for a devoted and loyal companion.

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