Cirneco Dell’Etna- Hardy Hunting Dog and Excellent Family Companion

The Cirneco dell’Etna (Pronounced “cheer-NECK-gracious del et-na”, Cirnechi is the plural) is a purebred dog from the island of Sicily. Delicate, alart, and free, these pups have probably the best traits of any dog breed around today. Cirneco dell’Etnas pass by numerous different names, including Cirneco, Sicilian Hound, Sicilian Greyhound, Sicilian Rabbit Hound, and Sicilian Rabbit Dog.

These dogs can make extraordinary apartment dogs for active metropolitan dwellers, however they can adjust to any household of any size. They are also extraordinary amigos for children and love to nestle with their human guardians whenever. If you need an energetic and free pup who will love you genuinely, then, at that point, this might be the right dog for you!

Because of their lean edge, the Cirneco dell’Etna seems bigger than he is. The guys just stand 18 – 19.5 inches tall and gauge 22 – 26 pounds; and females stand 16.5 – 18 inches tall and gauge 17 – 22 pounds.

Cirneco Dell'Etna Dog Breed


The general appearance of the Cirneco dell’Etna is one of a rich, athletic dog. It is fit and muscular, with a square body shape in side profile. It has an ovoid crown, with the head generally tightening from the ears to nose, and its sharp feeling of smell is reflected in the length of the gag, which must be more noteworthy than that of the skull. This is a refined breed, with well-framed yet fine boning of the cheeks and jaw, and the lips are also close and slight. The generally little eyes are set sideways, and are normally ochre, golden, or hazel in shading, while the huge ears are set high on the head, with strong cartilaginous bases that hold the channels open and front aligned. At the point when the dog’s consideration is excited, the ears are held erect, practically contacting along the midline.


Cirneco Dell’Etna Dog Maintenance

As they have short, smooth coats, Cirnechi have insignificant grooming needs. You can hope to brush your Cirneco with a delicate brush or a dog mat one time each week, and wash that person depending on the situation.

Cirnechi have ears that stick straight up, so it’s vital to look at the ears a few times each week. You can utilize a delicate, cotton material to tenderly eliminate any dirt, garbage, or waxy build-up. Stay away from q-tips, as they can harm the delicate internal ear structures. If your dog’s ears are red, excited, or smell funny, make a meeting with your vet ASAP. These might be indications of disease.

Cirneco Dell'Etna dog Hunting


The Cirneco dell’Etna has high energy levels and higher exercise needs. Absence of activity can prompt weight gain. Focus on something like 30 minutes to one-hour of strolling every day, with active play meetings in the middle. They’re also intelligent dogs, so consolidating mental feeling into their activity routine can keep them locked in.

Cirnechi are inclined to weight gain if overloaded, so search for a dog food that is figured for highly active, medium-sized breeds. You can allude to the taking care of guide from your favored dog food brand to decide precisely how a lot to take care of your Cirneco, or ask your veterinarian.

The Cirneco is a family dog that ought to live inside with their people. The Cirneco is extremely spotless and appreciates familiar luxuries – they like warmth and abhorrence cold. They need a moderate side trip around the area or a vivacious lawn game every day. They are not natural retrievers or swimmers but rather might be instructed to do both. Coat care involves a speedy week by week brushing.

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