Chion- Intelligent Toy Mix Dog of Papillon and Chihuahua

The Chion is a mixed breed dog — a combination of the Chihuahua and Papillon dog breeds. Petite, playful, and loyal, these pups acquired probably the most desirable characteristics from both of their folks. Chions pass by a few names, including Papihuahua, Pap-Chi, and Chi-a-Pap.

These delightful pups make incredible apartment dogs for active metropolitan owners, however they’re the most appropriate to little or single-individual households. They also tend to be yappy. If you are searching for a senseless, little dog with a major character who will cause you to remain alert, go about as an alarm dog, and stick to you like paste, this might be the right dog for you!

Chion Dog Breed


Your Chion will be a little dog somewhere in the range of 6 and 11 inches tall and will weigh around 4 to 10 pounds relying upon the measures of the guardians. They can have medium to long hair, contingent upon whether the Chihuahua was a short or long haired sort. If the Chihuahua parent was a short-haired sort, your Chion may also have wiry hair and it could be straight or wavy. This attractive dog comes in all different tones including white, gold, brown, tan, cream, black, and any combination of these. Your dearest friend will probably have a little head, enormous ears, a long tail, and short legs.


Chion Dog Maintenance

Chions are moderately low-maintenance dogs, however they actually need a bare least of care to flourish and carry on with glad lives. The following are a couple of things you should be aware of your day to day existence with this pet.

Chions are little measured dogs that can live well on a standard diet, however you should in any case set aside the effort to think regarding what’s best for yours specifically.

Some Chion owners say their pets lean toward dry food, while others swear all over that wet food is better. Have a go at mixing it up a piece to see what works best for your pet.

The general guideline is that Chions ought to get no less than 1 cup of food each day, and you should part it into two more modest meals to assist with guaranteeing appropriate processing.

Papillon and Chihuahua mix Dog


Continuously keep water accessible to your pet consistently during the day. The expense of food for your Chion will rely upon what brand of food you pick. Some are significantly more costly than others, and everything will work out to take care of your Chion high-quality food if you need to draw out its life.

Due to their size, all dogs require a specific amount of activity every day. In spite of the fact that they are little, Chions are ready for business – giving them satisfactory exercise every day is fundamental for their actual health.

However long they’re getting sufficient exercise, you don’t need to stress a lot over the kind of activity. As referenced over, these dogs are built to pursue anything that moves, so any kind of going around will do. Focus on a couple of 15-minute strolls for the duration of the day to provide your dog with a feeling of experience.

Actual exercise is also critical for your dog’s psychological well-being. A few dogs can get discouraged and torpid when they don’t get sufficient playtime, while others become forceful and carry on by breaking and biting on things to borrow your time. On account of their enthusiastic and playful nature, Chions appreciate interfacing with their owners.

Training is fundamental if you need your pet to pay attention to you and make the wisest decision consistently. To start training your Chion, forever be just about as certain as could really be expected – utilizing rewards and consolation over scolding will show your pet substantially more successfully than hollering at it.

Chion dog for kids


If you intend to take your dog with you on strolls through the area or out to public spots, think about training it to walk considerately on a leash. If you struggle with this kind of training, there are huge loads of assets accessible internet based that can assist with getting your pet strolling in a well-mannered manner!

These dogs are not extremely high-maintenance from a grooming viewpoint, so you won’t have to stress over that piece of their life! Simply ensure they’re dependably perfect – wash them at whatever point they get dirty or have a terrible stench – and remember to clean their teeth on a regular premise.

You should utilize proficient grooming administrations at regular intervals – this will assist with keeping your dog putting its best self forward consistently. Chion coat types are defenseless to temperature changes! If you’re in an environment like Minnesota or Wisconsin, ensure these dogs stay warm during the cold months and cool throughout the mid year.

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