Chilier- Small Apartment Living Dog for Children and family

The Chilier dog is a hybrid breed. It is a combination of the parent breeds Chihuahua and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is a magnificent, family-arranged dog. He is highly tender and playful. He is a laid-back, cheerful dog, and he bonds rapidly to his family. He might be a variety of shadings, contingent on his immediate parentage. He might be a preferred watchdog over comparable breeds. He is fit to reside in numerous conditions including apartments or bigger homes with a fenced in region in which he can play. The Chilier is at times also known as the Cavachi and Chivalier.

This mixed breed has gained notoriety for being a family-loving dog who appreciates being around people and will bond with the members of your family rapidly. They’re also somewhat laid back and quiet. Because of their little size, they can generally adjust to living in apartment circumstances; in spite of the fact that, they most certainly really like to approach a safe and fenced-in outside space. If you’re thinking of taking on a Chilier, simply know that they regularly have an extremely strong free streak that comes from their Chihuahua side, and it can bring about the dog being more diligently than expected to train.

Chilier is a little dog, they weigh around 2.72-5.44 kg and tallness around 8-12 inches tall at the shoulder. Females are somewhat more modest than guys.

Chilier Dog Appearance


Most fur guardians of Chilier portray them as a cheerful, friendly, sweet, and loyal dog. They are also exceptionally tender particularly to their owner and they love to nestle on the love seat with them for a significant stretch of time. Early socialization can make them great as a playmate to the children, as long as you train the children how to deal with the dogs for the wellbeing of the dogs and the actual children.


Chilier Dog Maintenance

Since you are familiar the character of your Chilier and how well she’ll coexist with others, it’s an ideal opportunity to move into the food, diet, exercise, and training requirements for your furry friend. We’ll also discuss the amount of grooming your pet may require, any health conditions to watch for, and the differences among male and female Chiliers you should consider.

The principal thing you really want to be aware of your little Chilier puppy is that free taking care of is a truly impractical notion. Your pup will keep on eating, despite the fact that she may be full. The Chilier breed is inclined to acquiring loads, and since they’re little to the point that weight shows easily.

It’s ideal to take care of him ½-1 cup of dry kibble each day. Then, at that point, break that into two separate meals, and consistently ensure that the food is a high-quality brand. If you don’t know of what the best food is for your pet or how much to take care of him, it’s ideal to counsel your vet for help.

Chilier Mixed Dog Breed


This breed is moderately active, so she really wants a moderate amount of activity consistently to keep her cheerful and healthy. A walk or two daily will do the trick since she’s little and can get a great deal of her activity inside. Taking her to the dog park where she can play is suggested, yet you should be careful because of her size.

As recently expressed, the Chilier breed can be resolute, difficult, and stiff-necked, so training your pup could be an undertaking if you’re not training early. Early socialization and training are critical if you need your Chilier to behave as a puppy and as a grown-up. Not all Chiliers are obstinate and hardheaded; however, it’s as per which parent they take later.

Your Chilier will shed a moderate amount and is a low to medium maintenance breed. Make a point to brush all her couples of days and cleanser with a high-quality cleanser when required. Likewise, obviously, you should watch out for her nails and trim them when required, and obviously, clean her teeth twice week after week.

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