Central Asian Shepherd Dog- Powerful Courageous Guarding Breed

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is confident, balanced, calm, glad and free. They are exceptionally valiant and have a high working limit, perseverance and a natural sense of an area. This breed is known for its dauntlessness towards huge hunters. Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are a natural defensive breed that require a constant recognition for the life of the dog. They are not for first-time dog owners. They were framed as a breed from natural choice during multiple thousand years in an immense region, which spreads these days from the Caspian Sea to China and from Southern Ural to Afghanistan.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a major, strong, and autonomous dog breed. These purebred dogs pass by a few different names, including Central Asian Ovtcharka, Middle Asian Ovtcharka, and Mid-Asian Shepherd. Perhaps the oldest breed, these pups hereditary qualities can be followed back more than 5,000 years.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog would be an incredible expansion for an individual or family in a home with a solid yard, and they flourish in cooler environments. While active outside, these dogs are genuinely quiet and calm inside. They can be playful and are tender and defensive of their families yet are not suggested for first time dog guardians.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Breed


The main thing you’ll see about a Central Asian shepherd dog is his enormous size. These are significant dogs, weighing between 88-110 pounds and standing 25.5-27.5 inches tall. Central Asian shepherds have enormous, rectangular heads that are in extent with the remainder of their huge bodies.

They have cushioned coats comprised of coarse, straight hair that comes in essentially all tones and combinations, aside from blue or brown and liver. The Central Asian shepherd’s enormous, profound eyes are oval-molded and moderately profound set. Their eye shading runs the range from hazel to dim brown, however their eye edges are normally black. These dogs are frequently depicted as having a confident, dignified look.


Central Asian Shepherd Maintenance

All dogs have specific requirements that should be met for them to carry on with their healthiest and most joyful lives. The Central Asian Shepherd is something very similar. Their size, temperament, energy level, and grooming requirements shape their necessities. You must get your work done before bringing one of these dogs into your home.

Central Asian Shepherd Puppies


The Central Asian Shepherd is an extremely enormous dog, so it needs high-quality dog food formed for huge or extra-huge breeds. At the point when they are puppies, these dogs become rapidly so they need food that helps their bones and joints develop appropriately. This will assist with forestalling long haul health issues.

When they arrive at roughly year and a half old enough, they ought to be done developing. Right now, you will need to screen their weight, food admission, and treats. Most dogs of this size require around 4 cups of food each day, albeit this will shift contingent upon activity level, size, and nourishing necessities. The Central Asian Shepherd can be inclined to weight gain if they are overloaded or under-worked out. An overweight enormous dog is more vulnerable to hip dysplasia and different issues.

The Central Asian Shepherd is an enormous dog with extraordinary perseverance. However, they are not particularly energetic. To forestall weight gain, you really want to ensure that your dog gets a lot of activity every day. No less than an hour is suggested. Activities like long strolls, climbs, or ranch work suit them well. They also prefer to meander your property to keep it clear of gatecrashers, hunters, or different nuisances.

Despite the fact that Central Asian Shepherds are exceptionally intelligent, they are famously difficult to train. Their obstinate and free nature requires a firm, predictable trainer who will invest the effort important to draw out the most incredible in their dog. With the right owner, these dogs can be trained to follow many orders. Reward-based training works best, as they don’t react well to cruel training.

Central Asian Shepherds have thick, thick coats that require week by week brushing. During shedding season, they will shed a considerable amount so more successive brushing will be required. Outside of brushing, they are genuinely low maintenance. You should cut their nails about two times every month and clean their teeth day by day. Intermittent showers will keep doggy smells under control.

Central Asian Shepherd in Field


If you are searching for an exceptionally huge dog that will be incredibly loyal and defensive for your family for a long time, the Central Asian Shepherd is an extraordinary decision. These strong and intelligent dogs make certain to become moment family members. Think about that you should work tenaciously in the first place to ensure that your dog comprehends who the expert is.

Training your Central Asian Shepherd will set aside time and tolerance, yet when it is complete, you will be exceptionally happy that this is how you contributed your time.

The last thing we will say about the Central Asian Shepherd is that it is fundamental to remember that this is anything but a human-made breed. This dog has advanced and come to be from nature and nature alone. For some dog breed purists, this is a significant truth to consider and one that ought to be seen completely before purchasing your Central Asian Shepherd puppy.

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