Cane Corso- Muscular Large Mastiff Type Working Guard Dog

Smart, trainable, and of honorable bearing, the emphatic and confident Cane Corso dog is an unbeatable defender. The Corso’s ancestry returns to old Roman occasions, and the breed’s name generally interprets from the Latin as ‘bodyguard dog.’ At almost 28 inches at the shoulder and regularly weighing in excess of 100 pounds, with a huge head, ready articulation, and muscles undulating underneath their short, stiff coat, Corsi are initially scary animals. Their impressive appearance is their first line of protection against interlopers. As one essayist put it, ‘A downplayed quality of cool competence, the sort of disposition you’d anticipate from an expert bodyguard, is the breed’s trademark.’ Corsi are intelligent, loyal, anxious to please, adaptable, and intensely loyal to their people, but on the other hand are self-assured and tenacious, and can wind up owning an accidental owner. Similarly as with some other huge guardian dog, dependable breeding and early socialization with people and different dogs is vital.

The Cane Corso is a working dog who totally loves having something important to take care of. This old Italian dog breed was developed to guard property and hunt major game like wild hog.

Cane Corsos are powerful and athletic, most appropriate to experienced pet guardians who have enormous, safely fenced yards. They’ll require their people to give them an undertaking; if not, they might track down their own ways of lessening weariness — presumably with destructive behavior. If you can give your dog a lot of room, exercise, and training, then, at that point, this might be an ideal breed for you!

Cane Corso Dog Breed


Remember that dogs of any breed can experience the ill effects of health issues for the duration of their lives. A decent pet protection plan can assist you with planning to give your dog the care they need at whatever stage in life.

Huge, muscular, and to some degree great by all accounts, the cane corso’s size and strength are his ruling elements—and, obviously, among the reasons he’s a famous decision for watching over his owners and property. A totally mature cane corso female generally weighs 88–99 pounds, while a male cane corso can weigh as much as 110 pounds.

With regards to cane corso dog colors, the dog’s short, double-layered coat could be black, dark, grovel, red, or mottle. The surface of the coat is coarse, thick, and here and there tufted—and some even compare it to the layer of a cow. The dog’s almond-formed eyes change in shading, and can be different shades of brown, or even a striking yellow or blue.


Cane Corso Dog Maintenance

Since each dog breed is different, the care you’ll have to give your dog will appear to be unique from what another breed will require. As you get ready to deal with your new dog, keep their temperament, health concerns, training and socialization needs, dietary necessities, and different requirements as a main priority.

Cane Corso Puppies


As an enormous breed dog, these dogs should eat a lot of food every day. Most dogs need somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 cups every day, however the specific amount can change dependent on the dog’s size, age, digestion, health concerns, and different elements. Continuously pick high-quality food to take care of your dog. You can talk with your veterinarian if you are uncertain which food to take care of them or how much they ought to get every day.

The dietary necessities of your dog will also change dependent on their age. Puppies require more modest meals all the more as often as possible for the duration of the day since their stomach isn’t generally so enormous as a grown-up’s. Remember this just as you are intending to care for your dog.

These dogs are somewhat easy to groom. They have a double-layered coat, and their undercoat will shed a few, however the shedding will be particularly weighty two times per year. At the point when they are in one of their two shedding seasons, they ought to be brushed every day, except other than this, their shorter covers just require week after week brushing.

Keep a dog’s nails managed to keep them from getting excessively long and causing inconvenience when strolling. You ought to also ensure that their ears are kept spotless and that their teeth are cleaned regularly.

Begin training a Cane Corso from an extremely youthful age. Between their enormous size and how predominant they can be, it is crucial for start the training and socialization process as ahead of schedule as could be expected. They do best with a strong trainer who will advocate for themselves as the head of the household. Since these dogs are also exceptionally anxious to please, with the right trainer, they can do very well with training, particularly when positive training techniques are used.

Cane Corso in Field


These dogs were bred to play out a task, and this breed does best when they have some work or get a ton of every day work out. In a perfect world, they ought to be taken for something like two mile-long strolls every day. Notwithstanding actual exercise, mental incitement is also significant for this breed to keep them from taking part in destructive behaviors. You can consider marking your Cane Corso up for submission, following, or dexterity occasions.

Corsos will generally hush up inside yet need a moderate amount of activity day by day. A long jog or two or three high-energy play meetings, for example, pulling, bringing, or swimming are fine. This is definitely not a decent breed for dog parks. They blossom with mental incitement, and they particularly appreciate herding and other dog sports that combine mental and actual difficulties. Coat care is insignificant.

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