Boxador- Boxer and Labrador Retriever mix Hybrid Dog

The Boxador Dog is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Boxer. The Boxador is a wonderful companion and watchdog because it is a kind, devoted, and clever dog. Due to their size and high energy level, hybrid dogs need a lot of exercise. The breed requires only little grooming for the majority of the year and moderate grooming during shedding seasons. This boisterous and lively mix is best suited to a fenced-in yard where they may play safely. The Boxador is a smart, eager-to-please dog that, when trained, will succeed as a companion.



The Boxador dog breed may have developed spontaneously over time, but in North America, probably in the 1990s, designer breeders began purposefully crossing Boxers with Labrador Retrievers. Breeders started combining the two parent breeds to produce a boisterous, obedient, protective, and guard dog. Some of the health issues that are typical in pure breeds are also reduced when these two types are combined. Boxadors were still being produced by breeders as demand for the mixed breed puppies increased.

Boxador Dog Breed


Large to medium-sized canines are boxadors. When completely developed, a male can reach a height of 25 inches and weigh up to 110 pounds. Females can reach a height of 25 inches and weigh about 80 pounds. A puppy weighs about 10 pounds when it is 9 weeks old. At two years old, these canines are regarded as fully developed. These dogs have a fifteen-year lifespan. Of fact, a Boxador Dog can live longer if it is in particularly good health.



Kids get along well with these pets. The only thing to take into account is ensuring that the dog has been socialized since it was a puppy and understands how to behave with kids of various ages. Keep in mind that this dog is medium to large in size and has a high top speed. A child may be struck unintentionally as a result of this. In other words, it’s important to watch how a Boxador interacts with young children.



Choose from among the several high-quality dog foods that are on the market when it comes to feeding your Boxador so you can provide your pet with the nutrition he needs to stay healthy and active. Just keep in mind that these dogs do enjoy eating, so you must keep an eye on how much your pet consumes daily to prevent weight gain. After selecting the dry dog food for your Boxador, you can feed him up to 4-5 cups per day, spread out over two or more meals. Avoid feeding your dog a single huge meal, and watch out for bloat by ensuring he doesn’t consume too much food rapidly. Reduce the amount of dry food you’re feeding your pet if you’re also going to give it some canned dog food. Again, these dogs will overeat, so you must watch how much your pet consumes and provide him with opportunities to exercise.



The majority of boxador dog or boxer labrador hybrids have short, shiny coats that are simple to maintain and are a relatively low-maintenance breed to groom. To maintain your dog’s coat clean and remove loose hair and dander, brush your dog once or twice a week. You will also need to bathe your dog every two months or as necessary in addition to routine brushing. Remember to examine your dog’s ears once a week for waxy buildup and dirt and clean them as necessary with an ear cleaning solution that has been recommended by your veterinarian. Use dog nail clippers to trim your dog’s nails once a month or as needed to keep them short. Your veterinarian or dog groomer will be more than pleased to assist if you feel uncomfortable trimming your dog’s nails at home. Finally, use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth at least three times per week to prevent periodontal disease and other unpleasant dental issues.

Boxador Puppies


If they aren’t properly socialized and taught, boxers can become energetic and unruly. Simply said, this is a byproduct of their vivacious personality. Boxers frequently enjoy jumping up on people; this habit is a holdover from when the breed jumped to catch prey, therefore ideally they should receive continuous training from a young age to stop it. As soon as a boxer puppy reaches the required age, it is preferable to enroll it in a puppy training program. There, it will pick up fundamental obedience and manners for interacting respectfully with both people and other dogs. Introduce your boxer to a variety of people and circumstances, and make sure everyone it comes in contact with rewards excellent behavior. Dog sports, service dog training, and similar classes can assist your dog improve its obedience and deepen your relationship with it.



The genetic makeup that a boxador acquires from her parents and grandparents has a significant impact on her health. Dysplasia of the elbow and hip is common on the Labrador side. Your veterinarian may advise taking joint supplements to help with these problems. They may also suffer from a condition known as exercise-induced collapse and specific heart conditions. Boxador dog breeds may be genetically prone to malignancies, which frequently affect the brain, thyroid, or spleen. Additionally, they may be susceptible to inherited heart conditions such arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy or aortic stenosis. If they inherit the boxer’s propensity for degenerative myelopathy, they can later on feel discomfort in her hindquarters.


Bottom Line

For large, busy families searching for a dog that can keep up with them, the Boxer Lab mix can be a fantastic family pet. These mixed breeds are bad for families that prefer to cuddle on the couch since they are very energetic and need a lot of exercise. This dog will need many hours of exercise every day.

These canines are fairly trainable because to their high intelligence and people-pleasing personalities. They also need a lot of cerebral stimulation, though. To avoid having a bored and destructive dog, make a plan to satisfy this demand through obedience training, puzzle toys, and canine sports.

Socialized Boxadors get along well with kids. When a Boxador Dog is socialized as a puppy, it learns what kinds of actions are appropriate in a home. A Boxador is a great choice for a family searching for a smart, entertaining dog with a friendly disposition! If you want a guard dog that will also make a great family pet, the Boxador is a fantastic option.

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