Bohemian Shepherd- A Medium Hearding Dog from Czech Republic

Bohemian Shepherd is a Czech dog breed, considered to be the apex of sheep herding dog. These dogs were bred to herd through forests, wetlands, and hills all while hunting. They are specifically bred for working character combined with intelligence and ability. These are fierce and brave dogs that can be suspicious of strangers or aggressive towards other animals. In Bohemian forests, it has been known for centuries as a very faithful and obedient breed of dog.



The Bohemian Shepherd dog breed originated in the Czech Republic around the 1300s in the Chodsko district, consequently why these dogs were normally called the Chodský pes. They were first utilized as guard dogs and as herding dogs. Today, they make incredible family pets who will protect and look after their people.

Bohemian Shepherd Dog Breed


This is a medium-sized dog of a rectangular with long hair and a wooly undercoat. These dogs have earthy colored eyes, a black nose, and develop tan markings among their essentially black coat around 6-7 months old. These tan markings are generally over the eyes, around the ears, and on their belly, feet, and gag. They’re generally 19-22 inches tall and weigh 33-55 pounds, making them medium-sized dogs with long hair. They have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.



Known for being more easygoing and friendly than its cousin the German Shepherd, the Bohemian Shepherd will in general in all actuality do well with children when introduced since the beginning. They bond near their close family and are warm and open, showing a lot of affection. Nonetheless, this nearby dependence on people can imply that they tend to develop separation anxiety if left alone for extensive stretches of time, so over-reliance ought not be energized.



An ideal Bohemian Shepherd diet ought to be formed for a medium-sized breed with high energy. This breed is inclined toward bloat, so try to separate dinners into more modest bits to eat over the course of the day as opposed to leaving food out constantly. Similarly as with all dogs, the Bohemian Shepherd’s dietary necessities will change from puppyhood to adulthood and will continue to change into their senior years. You ought to get some information about your Bohemian Shepherd’s diet, as there is considerably a lot of variety among individual dogs – including weight, energy, and health – to make a specific recommendation.



Weekly brushing will keep your Bohemian’s coat in excellent condition. During times of occasional shedding, you might have to brush all the more frequently. Standard nail trims ought to likewise be essential for their grooming routine — as congested nails can cause torment and potentially lead to problems running or strolling. Dental disease is quite possibly of the most common condition in adult dogs and, left untreated, can contribute to other serious health issues. Professional cleanings combined with normal at-home teeth brushing will assist with keeping your little guy’s teeth and gums healthy.

Bohemian Shepherd Puppies


The Bohemian Shepherd makes an excellent family dog because of its commitment to family individuals and reverence of children. They, in general, are friendly to strangers and coexist well with other family pets. Nonetheless, they will be vigilant over the family and yard. They are an athletic breed that loves to work but on the other hand are happy snuggling on the lounge chair. The Bohemian Shepherd is an intelligent, fast to learn breed which enthusiastically welcomes most any activity introduced. The breed loves to be working yet can move from activity to rest without any problem. The Bohemian Shepherd is effectively trained in any case, it requires a quiet approach to training since it is a more sensitive breed. The premise of training ought to play, treats and recognition with consistency. Regardless, the breed won’t do well in training utilizing cruelty, constant drilling or dreariness.



The Bohemian Shepherd is generally a healthy dog breed with not many conceivable canine health conditions.

Hip Dysplasia: It is a genetic condition where the hip joint of the dog is either immature or separated from its original spot.

Bloat: When the midsection of your dog seems to be a balloon, it is expected bloat. It is for the most part because of inappropriate dietary patterns. In this way, feed them a total balanced diet and healthy food.


Bottom Line

The Bohemian Shepherd is an active dog and requires long daily walks or recess in the patio to keep them blissful and break them down. Since the Bohemian Shepherd is a sheepdog, they are agile and intelligent. Dog sports, for example, agility, rally or obedience are excellent ways of holding with your Bohemian Shepherd and give them an undertaking to play out every day. They are additionally excellent at aroma work and couldn’t imagine anything better than to invest energy sniffing out different scents. They truly do require a fenced yard when they can’t be out walking or running with you. The Bohemian Shepherd is a social breed and will end up being miserable or discouraged if abandoned for a really long time.

If you’ve for a long time needed a German Shepherd however were expecting a more modest and more quiet variant, the Bohemian Shepherd is exactly that and could be the best fit for yourself as well as your family.

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