Biewer Terrier- Tri Colored Toy Terrier Dog from Germany

The Biewer Terrier is a small, energetic, intelligent and fun new breed with a rich working history. They make great lapdogs and apartment pets with quiet and devoted personalities. However, they may exhibit some terrier behaviors such as digging, biting, chasing, or quarreling with other pets. They have cute spotted or piebald fur patterns and are generally healthy. They make great family pets and are generally good around children, but their small bodies require careful handling.



The Biewer Terrier, also known as the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, is a relatively new breed with an interesting history. It all began in Germany in the 1980s when two Yorkies belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Werner Biewer produced a puppy with unique tri-colored markings instead of the traditional black and tan. The couple began selectively breeding their dogs for this trait, which resulted in the creation of a new breed. In 1989, the Biewers presented their dogs at a dog show in Germany, where they gained recognition and popularity. Eventually, they were registered with several kennel clubs worldwide and recognized as a separate breed in 2014 by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Today, Biewer Terriers are loving pets known for their playful personalities and striking appearance that make them stand out among other toy breeds.

Biewer Terrier Dog Breed


As a breed from the toy groups, these are a few pretty little dogs. As per the breed standard, Biewer terriers will weigh around 4-8 pounds and measure around 7-11 inches tall. Concerning their varieties, you’ll track down them in tri-variety combinations of white, black, blue, tan, and gold. The typical life anticipation of the Biewer Terrier is somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 years.



Biewer Terrier is an exceptionally simple breed to coexist with – they don’t will quite often bark and they are a nice breed. Biewer Terriers are amicable and lively, anxious to invest time with family and extraordinary around kids. In the same way as other toy breeds, this dog has an enormous character that doesn’t appear to fit in its little casing – they likewise love attention and appreciate being the superstar. However the Biewer might look little, it has a huge character and rushes to support itself against bigger breeds. This breed makes an extraordinary companion pet for singles and families the same.



It’s vital to feed your dog a complete, adjusted diet, and Biewer Terriers excel on top quality, commercial dog food. You should pick one uniquely formed for toy-sized dogs. Biewers will generally have delicate stomachs, and however they might ask for a chomp of your bacon, fight the temptation to give them people food. If you notice your pup isn’t eating, slobbers or retches a great deal, talk with your vet to check whether your pup needs to change around their chow. Be careful of weight gain as even an additional pound can prompt health problems like heart disease or joint issues. As you plan your pup’s mealtime segments, remember to count the treats you give during preparing or on the grounds that you love your pup. Those calories count! If you notice your pup beginning to look somewhat… Rubenesque… talk with your vet. They’re in the best situation to assist you with assembling an arrangement to shed the weight regardless maintain your pup’s ideal nutritional levels.



Biewer Terrier are relatives of the Yorkshire Terrier, their coats may be comparable, however their coat tones will have differences. Biewer Terriers have a piebald colorization, meaning they have unpredictable patches of varieties. Typically their shading incorporates white or somewhat blue white patches over white fur on their chests, legs, and undersides. Their appearances generally have black and tan shading. These pups normally have long coats however you can likewise decide to abbreviate the coat to decrease the requirement for everyday brushing. The Biewer Terrier is likewise considered hypoallergenic dog. Due to their little size and delicate coat, they are very simple to groom. If you choose to keep their coat long, day to day brushing is required. The Biewer Terrier is little in height which doesn’t make them ideal for outrageous conditions and climate, no matter what their coat. Their long coat may be useful throughout the cold weather months, with a hair style to abbreviate when summer rolls around.

Biewer Terrier Puppies


Biewer Terrier’s excitement to satisfy makes them simple to work with when it comes time to train them. While potty training might take somewhat longer than you would like, some other training you practice with your dog ought to be a breeze in general. It’s smart to get a obedience trainer for the family to work with while this breed is as yet a puppy to guarantee that legitimate taking care of and positive reinforcements are set up while training the dog all alone. This is particularly significant if small kids will be a major piece of the dog’s training life.



The incredible Biewer Terrier is a relative of the Yorkshire Terrier, implying that they may be inclined toward a portion of a similar health conditions Yorkshire Terriers face. The vast majority of them are generally healthy, despite the fact that there are exemptions, very much like people. If you are getting a dog from an animal safe house or a salvage bunch, you are bound to get a dog that is healthy, microchipped, fix, or fixed, and if a dog has any medical issues, you will be educated about it. Very much like all breeds, there might be some health issues. A few dogs might confront health challenges including infrequent delicate or stained stool and diarrhea problems.


Bottom Line

The Biewer’s commitment and faithfulness make them the ideal family pet. Having some good times cherishing, childlike attitude makes them an incredible companion for people of any age and ready to befriend animals of any origin. Being very savvy, they are not difficult to train, albeit potty training might take somewhat longer.

If you are searching for a perky and delightful little breed dog, look no farther than the Biewer Terrier. Otherwise called the Biewer à la Pom Pon, Biewer Yorkie or Biewer Yorkshire, these dogs were bred from Yorkshire Terriers so they share a considerable lot of similar adorable qualities of this famous breed. Biewer Terriers make extraordinary companion pets and they generally coexist well with children and other pets.

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