Best Low Maintenance Dogs for First Time Owners

Having a pet dog in your family is completely a gift as it carries happiness to the house. Simultaneously, things can turn out to be very precarious in the event that you are having a breed which requires a lot of maintenance.

You would rather not invest all your recreation energy tidying up the dog’s hair by and large around your home or in grooming them consistently. Various dog breeds additionally show a low trainability quality which can make you work hard while showing them any stunts and orders.

In this article, you will see what precisely characterizes ‘Low Maintenance Dogs’ and you will likewise get to know some top simple to maintain dog breeds that would suit best for first-time proprietors as well as individuals who are working all day.


‘Low Maintenance Dogs’ Means

Those dog breeds who don’t request a lot of exertion of their proprietors in their grooming, cleaning and training viewpoints come in the section of Low Maintenance Dogs.


  • Low Shedding
  • Easy to Train
  • Less Exercise Requirements
  • Extraordinary with Kids
  • Can Be Left Alone
Low Maintenance Dogs


Labrador Retriever

Labrador is a loyal, kind, and energetic companion that loves just to run and play with their family. Plan for a moment closest companion for life with uncompromising love and nestles. Their positive energy is infectious to such an extent that it’s hard not to grin. What make’s them so extraordinary is their longing to please, and with it comes easy training and friendly demeanor towards everybody they meet.
They are also perhaps the easiest breed to train, because of their fast mastering abilities. Labradors needn’t bother with much grooming inferable from their short coat. Week after week brushing with a fine fiber brush is to the point of keeping their skin and coat healthy.


All that makes a dog incredible is in this little lovable bundle. Beagles are loyal, kind, playful, and continuously looking for an experience. However, while seeking out new experiences they can regularly get into some awful behavior, which is the reason they frequently need a human or dog companion to fill that steady requirement for consideration.
These are phenomenal dogs with large hearts. They’re glad to relax with their owners, go on long strolls, or meet new friends.


A few new pet owners could observe bigger dogs scaring, making the Dalmatian a shockingly low-maintenance dog in spite of their size. Albeit active, they have a dainty coat and produce insignificant scent. They actually want a lot of love and fondness, however, and appreciate accompanying their owners for a jog down the street or a climb in the forest.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The eyes of the Cavalier say everything. These dogs are delicate, warm, and genuine companion dogs. Cavaliers make excellent family pets, coexisting with the two children and different dogs.
Cavs are, in the same way as other of the breeds on our rundown, truly versatile, making them extraordinary dogs for city and country-dwellers the same. These dogs are also easy to train and don’t require more than regular brushing and moderate exercise.


A friendly dog with a love of naughtiness and an unmistakable articulation, the Pug is loaded with character. Pugs are excellent companion dogs, glad to associate with everybody. These dogs are completely content to go through the day snuggling with their owners or simply relaxing around, yet they ought to also get at minimum some day by day exercise.
Pugs can be extraordinary city dogs, incredible dogs for kids, as well as incredible dogs for both more youthful and older couples. In general, Pugs have insignificant grooming needs, however they do shed. Like a portion of different dogs on our rundown, however, regular brushing can help cut down on shedding.


The dachshund is a lovable and friendly dog breed that makes an extraordinary lounge chair mate. This dog comes in two sizes: miniature and medium-sized. Long-haired doxies require somewhat more grooming than the short-haired or wire-haired variety.
Dachshunds have a difficult side and will require basic training to give them structure. This breed normally just requires a moderate amount of exercise. With their short little legs and long bodies, inordinate running and hopping can compound or cause spinal issues.

American Staffordshire Terrier

These are extraordinary people dogs and truly need to please their dog owners. Exceptionally intelligent, so training is a must or, in all likelihood underhandedness can occur. The Staffy can also be headstrong, so a confident individual in charge is vital. They have an easy-care coat. Just once seven days brushing is all that is required to keep them looking great. These are truly warm fur kids.
So make certain to train your Staffy well and be confident in their quality. With the right owner, these can be an extraordinary companion dog, and a low-maintenance one at that.

Miniature Pinscher

Min Pins are exuberant and active dogs. They do extraordinary in homes with other little dogs to play with. They are truly smart and easily trained with positive procedures. They are not the most ideal breed for homes with little children. However, if you need a dog who loves to cuddle with you under the covers around evening time, this is your young lady!
The Pins are bold and can be aggressive with gatecrashers, so think about this if your home has a many individuals going back and forth. Make certain to mingle them since early on with the goal that they are not so doubtful of strangers.
Their grooming requirements are very low. Simply a speedy week after week brushing is all they need.

Shiba Inu

A Japanese hunting dog breed with a cat-like similarity implies it is autonomous and will be looking at you from the top shelves or your best in class more often than not.
These breeds like to be left alone more than different dogs. Yet, do ensure that the climate is alright for them. Also, provide them with a great deal of toys to play with.
Shiba Inu needs legitimate brushing in the shedding season yet can be overseen at home. With a normal energy level and training for mind feeling, they are content with their owners.
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