Best Low Maintenance Dogs for First Time Owners

A dog as a pet is an ideal present to your family because it brings joy into the home. At the same time, if you have a breed that needs a lot of maintenance, things could become very problematic.

You would prefer not to devote all of your free time to regularly grooming your dog or picking up the dog’s hair, which is likely to be found all over your house. Several dog breeds also have a poor trainability trait, making it difficult to teach them tricks and commands.

In this post, you will learn exactly what “Low Maintenance Dogs” are, as well as some of the top, easiest-to-maintain dog breeds that are ideal for both first-time dog owners and people who work long hours.


‘Low Maintenance Dogs’ Means

Low Maintenance Dogs are those dog breeds that don’t require a lot of work from their owners in terms of cleaning, grooming, and training.


  • Low Shedding
  • Easy to Train
  • Less Exercise Requirements
  • Extraordinary with Kids
  • Can Be Left Alone
Low Maintenance Dogs


Labrador Retriever

A Labrador is a devoted, sympathetic, and active friend who merely enjoys running and playing with their family. Plan for a moment’s closest friend for life, one who loves you without conditions. It’s challenging to keep a smile on your face because of how contagious their cheerful energy is. Their desire to please others, which results in simple training and a cheerful manner toward everyone they encounter, is what makes them so wonderful.

Due to their rapid mastery abilities, they are also arguably the breed that is easiest to train. Given their short coat, labradors don’t require much care. Weekly brushing with a fine fiber brush is essential to maintaining the health of their skin and coat.


This adorable little bundle contains everything that makes dogs amazing. Beagles are devoted, considerate, playful, and constantly seeking new experiences. However, they frequently engage in undesirable behavior when searching out novel experiences, which is why they frequently want a canine or human partner to satisfy that constant desire for consideration.

These amazing dogs have huge hearts. They enjoy taking long walks with their owners, relaxing, and making new friends.



The Dalmatian is an incredibly low-maintenance dog despite their size, which some new pet owners could see bigger canines terrifying. Despite being active, they have a delicate coat, and their aroma is inconsequential. However, they truly desire a great deal of affection and love, and they enjoy going on walks or climbing in the woods with their owners.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier‘s eyes speak volumes. These canines are gentle, warm, and sincere companion animals. Cavaliers are great family pets since they get along with the two kids and various dogs.

Like the other breeds on our list, Cavaliers are incredibly flexible, making them great dogs for both city and rural life. These dogs don’t need much maintenance beyond routine brushing and light exercise, and they are very simple to train.



The Pug is a charming canine with a passion for mischief and a recognizable accent. Pugs make wonderful companion animals and are friendly toward everyone. These dogs should get at least some daily exercise even though they are perfectly fine to spend the day lounging around or cuddling with their humans.

Pugs may make fantastic city dogs, fantastic dogs for children, and fantastic pets for both younger and older couples. Pugs typically have little grooming requirements, however they do shed. But routine brushing can help reduce shedding, just like it can for some of the other pets on our list.

Dogs for First Time Owners


The dachshund is a charming and sociable canine breed that makes an excellent couch companion. There are two sizes available for this dog: miniature and medium. Compared to the short-haired or wire-haired kind, long-haired doxies require a little more maintenance.

Due to their challenging nature, dachshunds need some fundamental training to give them structure. Typically, this breed only needs a modest amount of exercise. With their long bodies and short legs, excessive running and hopping can exacerbate or worsen spine problems.


American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffs are exceptional social dogs who genuinely want to win over their owners. exceptionally intelligent, hence training is necessary else, most likely, dishonesty can happen. Because the Staffy can be stubborn as well, having a self-assured leader is essential. Their coat is easy to maintain. To keep them looking wonderful, only brush them once every seven days. These fur children are really toasty.

Therefore, be sure to properly train your Staffy and have faith in their abilities. These dogs can make wonderful companions and low-maintenance pets for the proper owner.


Miniature Pinscher

Min Pins are boisterous and energetic dogs. When there are other small dogs about the house to play with, they thrive. They are genuinely intelligent and simple to train using constructive methods. For families with young children, they are not the best breed. However, if you’re looking for a dog who enjoys cuddling up with you at night, this young lady is for you!

Consider this if your home has a lot of people coming and going as The Pins are assertive and can be hostile with gatecrashers. Make sure to mix them up from an early age so they don’t have such a low opinion of strangers.

They don’t require much grooming. They only require a quick brushing once a week.


Shiba Inu

A Japanese hunting dog breed that resembles a cat suggests that it is independent and will frequently be watching you from the top shelves or your finest in class.

These breeds enjoy solitude more than other dog types. But be sure the weather is suitable for them. Additionally, give them a ton of toys to play with.

Shiba Inus can be managed at home, although they do require proper brushing throughout the shedding season. They are happy with their owners and have a normal level of energy and mind-feeling training.

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