Berger Picard- An Active Midium Sized French Shepherd Dog

Berger Picard is an old French herding dog breed. The Berger Picard is known as a coated breed without coat issues. The Picard likewise called the Picardy Sheepdog or Picardy Shepherd is an interesting messy looking canine with a air of relaxed class about him. It is accepted that the Celts brought them over to France around 800 AD. This is an active and athletic breed that is been herding sheep for many years. Their shaggy wiry coat shockingly requires less grooming and maintenance than one would suspect. Picards are intelligent and respond well to training. These folks play well with kids and can make incredible family companions.

Berger is French for “shepherd” and Picardy is the area in northern France where these dogs originated. The breed’s predecessors were sheep herding dogs who were brought to northern France and the Pas de Calais during the second Celtic attack of Gaul around 400 B.C. During the Middle Ages, pictures of dogs who seemed to be Picards showed up on embroidered works of art, inscriptions, and woodcuttings. The dogs almost became extinct after Picardy was crushed during World Wars I and II. In 1925, the Berger Picard dog was formally acknowledged as a breed in France, and all the more as of late, Picards started to show up in the States. American buyers who were keen on the dogs connected with European breeders on the web.

Berger Picard Dog Breed

Other than her ears and coat, the Berger Picard’s eyes are equally dazzling and practically human-like in their expression. Simply attempt to oppose giving her an extra treat when she looks up at you with those brown marvels! These dogs stand 21.5-25.5 inches tall, and a healthy Berger Picard weight is anyplace between 50-70 pounds. A genuinely healthy breed lives 13-14 years all things considered.

The Berger Picard dog will in all actuality do approve in an apartment if it is adequately exercised. It isn’t significant the way in which huge the yard is, as long as the dog gets sufficient exercise during the day. Notwithstanding, the Picard generally attempts to remain nearby its owner and family, so regardless of whether you have a major yard and give the dog the decision to pick where it needs to be, it will preferably remain inside with you over alone outside. Inside the house the Picard is typically an extremely calm dog, trusting that its time will go out to run, play and sniff around. If the dog is trained to remain all alone for quite a while during the day, it doesn’t bring on some issues. Be that as it may, heaps of individuals take their Picards to work with them. They lay themselves down under a table close to their owner and simply stand by to leave once more or to take a walk.


Berger Picard Dog breed Maintenance

Berger Picard ought to excel on a top quality dog food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your veterinarian’s supervision and endorsement. Any eating routine ought to be suitable to the dog’s age. Berger Picards are athletic, active canines, so be careful that your dog is getting sufficient great nutrition to address his issues. Conversely, a few dogs are inclined to getting overweight, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. Treats can be a significant guide in training, however giving too many can cause obesity. Find out about which human foods are alright for dogs, and which are not. Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet. Spotless, new water ought to be accessible consistently.

The Picard’s coat stands apart for its disheveled appearance and harsh texture. It’s 2 to 3 inches, to safeguard the Berger Picard dog yet not such a lot of that it conceals the layout of his body. Indeed, even a shaggy dog needs grooming. Brush the coat week by week to keep it clean and eliminate dead hair. Frequent showers aren’t required except if you show your dog, yet if you have a water-cherishing Picard, give him an exhaustive freshwater flush to eliminate chlorine, green growth or salt after a plunge in the pool, lake or sea. At the point when you wash him, utilize a dog cleanser figured out for an unforgiving coat. Trim the nails consistently or two, and brush the teeth frequently – with a vet-endorsed pet toothpaste – for good generally health and new breath.

White Berger Picard Puppies

Berger Picard dog breeds are savvy and can get on training commands moderately rapidly. Begin training and mingling preferably when your dog is a puppy to ingrain great habits and prevent unfortunate behavior patterns. Continuously utilize positive-reinforcement training strategies, like applause and treats. This breed can be delicate to unforgiving remedies, closing down and declining to learn. Additionally, intend to keep your training meetings fun and varied to hold your dog’s advantage. The breed has an obstinate streak and can get exhausted with excessive repetition. Moreover, if not adequately associated since early on, some Berger Picards may be restless around new individuals and spots. So begin acquainting your dog with different individuals, different dogs, and various areas as right on time and frequently as could be expected. Keep interactions positive utilizing treats and commendation, and stop if your dog appears to be overpowered.

Bergers are generally extremely healthy dogs. The main genuine concerns for the Berger are the very concerns that plague essentially every breed: hip dysplasia and eye issues. One significant highlight note about the Berger Picard dog is that he can be delicate to sedation. This is particularly significant if, for reasons unknown, he really wants to go through a medical procedure. Likewise, if you have a female Berger and you’re keen on permitting her to breed, she might experience the ill effects of what is designated “uterine inertia.” Uterine inertia is a condition wherein the dog’s contractions stop while she’s in the process of giving birth, or don’t happen by any stretch of the imagination. This implies that she can’t bring forth her puppies. If this happens, you might require proficient help from a veterinarian to guarantee that she and her puppies remain healthy and safe.


Bottom Line

Berger Picards are sweet and agreeable dogs, and they can be very laidback when they become familiar with their families. They’re not natural sitters but rather they will appreciate playing with youngsters. These are one-owner dogs, and they bond with their people. In any case, this frequently implies that they bond with only one human, and they might overlook different individuals in the house. Accordingly, it’s critical that everybody in the family is engaged with training and playing with the dog.

They can be lenient toward different animals like felines, yet it’s ideal if they’re raised with them. Regardless, they’re considerably more prone to attempt to herd them than assault them, yet that probably won’t be wonderful for the feline by the same token.

Whether or not you’re a shepherd with groups that need herding or just a dog lover needing a reliable companion, the Berger Picard dog can make an excellent pet. They’re tender, faithful, and intelligent, but on the other hand they’re extremely energetic and can be very difficult. Therefore, they might be a superior fit for experienced owners. While they might be a piece high-maintenance, they’re likewise magnificent pups that make certain to brighten up your life.

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