Azawakh- A Lean and Swift Hunter from Sahara Desert

A dog breed named for the Azawakh Valley in the Sahara desert where they started, this is a lean and swift tracker with a great presence. They’re glad yet faithful and defensive of their home and family.

Albeit these are uncommon, purebred dogs, you might think that they are being taken care of by havens or salvage gatherings. Remember to embrace! Try not to shop if you need to bring one of these dogs home.

As you might figure from the presence of the breed and their desert starting points, these dogs do well in warm environments. While they love their human families, they can remain standoffish around new people. As sighthounds, they’ll likewise need to take off when they see something moving, which could incorporate little animals or in any event, running children. They need experienced pet guardians who can hold them back from shooting, stay firm with preparing, and socilaize them early.

Azawakh dog information


Azawakh Dog has a short, fine coat which might come in any tone or shading blends: red, clear sand to grovel, streaked, parti-shading (which might be prevalently white), blue, dark and brown. The head might have a dark veil and there might be white markings on the legs, tucker and at the tip of tail. There are no shading or stamping disqualifications in the breed. Befitting its legacy, the Azawakh excels as a friend, watchman and a draw courser in the United States.

This antiquated hunting dog is excessively lean and rangy to the point that his bone design and musculature can clearly be seen underneath his skin. The smooth S-molded shapes, profound chest, and streamlined head mark the Azwakh as a member of the sighthound family, canine runners that depend on sharp vision and bursting rate to fix and course their prey. The ultrafine coat comes in a few tones and examples. The general look of this leggy dog is one of polish and fineness, yet don’t be tricked: This is an extreme, strong tracker who’s been pursuing gazelle across the burning sands of the Sahara for in excess of 1,000 years.

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Azawakh Dog Maintenance

Searching for a dog with a simple consideration coat? The Azawakh has you covered. Week after week brushing of his smooth, shorthaired coat and customary nail managing and ear cleaning are all he needs to remain spotless and in great condition, in addition to a periodic shower if he moves in something stinky.

The rest is fundamental consideration. Trim the nails depending on the situation, normally at regular intervals. Like most sighthounds, Azawakhs are delicate about having their feet taken care of, so practice this almost immediately with a puppy and be certain you never hurt him when you are contacting his feet. He’ll always remember it. Keep the ears spotless and dry to keep bacterial or yeast contaminations from grabbing hold. Clean the teeth regularly with a veet-supported pet toothpaste for great generally speaking wellbeing and new breath.

Sweet Azawakh Puppies


Azawakh are known for being intelligent, and tender and particularly faithful with their family members. However, they are still regularly free in soul.

They are likely not the best dog for beginner proprietors. Their one of a kind characters mean they can require a great deal of extra preparing, and they don’t generally suit homes with small kids.

They can now and again turn out to be excessively defensive of their domain and people if they feel undermined. Their response to outsiders can shift from friendly, to uninterested, to watchful or forceful. Early and fitting socialization, and progressing uplifting feedback preparing around new people will be imperative to stay away from them fostering an outrageous response to outsiders.

Azawakh dog for the most part have a solid liking towards those of a similar breed. It isn’t extraordinary for admirers of Azawakhs to have mutiple, and they regularly have an exceptionally close bond. They frequently manage everything well in a multi-dog household, in spite of the fact that they can be predominant.

Their hunting impulses imply that they can have a high prey drive. In spite of the fact that they can manage everything well with cats, cautious acquaintances ought to be made with guarantee their pursuit impulses are not set off.

You might need to strive to accomplish a strong review if they are headed to pursue. You ought not permit them off-rope in open spaces until you have accomplished this.

Like some other Sighthounds, they can be alluded to as quick habitually lazy people. Giving they get sufficient day by day work out, and the chance to deliver a portion of their energy, they will frequently then be glad to laze around on the sofa.

Azawakh Dog Running


They have a low maintenance prepping system and their jacket will just need a rub down around once per week to keep it sparkling and in great condition. Their flimsy coat, insignificant muscle versus fat and desert beginnings mean they don’t care for the virus. In the cold weather months, you should ensure they are kept warm of their strolls.

To maintain the layer of this moderate shedder, you should brush your dog week after week to request to forestall an excess of shedding. A firm fiber brush or curry brush will get the job done. Customary nail managing ought to happen somewhere in the range of 3 and a month to maintain short nails. His ears ought to be surveyed week after week and cleaned depending on the situation to forestall ear disease and keep them liberated from trash. It is prescribed to clean the teeth day by day to diminish the danger of oral illness in your Azawakh. A shower once month to month will stay away from the overproduction of oils on the coat, causing a dull look. The Azawakh has a high activity level and is a normally athletic dog requiring every day strolls with sufficient extra exercise gave to keep him content. The Azawakh would passage best in a residence with inordinate space to go around to maintain an active lifestyle. This breed passages best in a warm and dry environment and doesn’t care for the chilly climate because of dainty skin. The eating regimen of the Azawakh is known to be best maintained with a low-protein diet since it was bred to adjust to these conditions. Foods grown from the ground, like bananas and carrots, are enthusiastically suggested by numerous experts and can be mixed with some wild rice.

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