Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog- Rare Breed with a Weird Tail

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog breed possesses a compact yet robust physique, slightly longer than it is tall, complemented by a distinctive bobbed tail. These dogs boast lean, muscular legs, sturdy necks, and broad, flat heads adorned with wide, pointed ears. Their dense, weather-resistant coats are available in blue or red speckled patterns, both of which may feature dark or tan markings. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs are renowned for their strength and resilience, embodying a vigilant and work-ready demeanor. While bearing a resemblance to the Australian Cattle Dog, they exhibit a few notable differences, most notably their abbreviated tails and slightly elongated legs.



Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is the first Australian working dog, developed before the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Kelpie. Referred to affectionately as ‘the Stumpy’, it is a relative from the Smithfield, a highly contrasting unpleasant coated ‘bobtail’ dog that initially came from the Smithfield Markets in England. The Smithfield was utilized to herd pretty much all that from ducks and geese to cattle. Through specific breeding of bobtail dogs, the Stumpy was developed during the nineteenth 100 years.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog


The head is expansive, with a medium length gags major areas of strength for and jaws intended to nip at the impact points of cattle. They have prick ears with the pinnae formed to a point. The Stumpy’s nose ought to constantly be dark. Their coat comes in two tones, blue or red, which might be mottled, merle, or strong. Remaining between 17-20 creeps at the shoulder and gauging between 32-45 pounds, the Australian short tail cattle dog has a double coat. Stumpies have a lifespan of 12-15 years and are for the most part healthy dogs.



The Stumpy is a loyal, brave and dedicated animal that has natural fitness in the working and control of cattle. It is dubious of outsiders and will safeguard its family and assets with its life. It’s anything but a forceful dog however if pushed won’t withdraw easily.



Great quality dog foods that are figured out to all life stages is recommended. Feeding sums will shift contingent on the activity levels the dog gets daily. Two Meals similarly dispersed during the day will get the job done. Free feeding should be possible the length of the dog doesn’t get overweight. A high energy feed that has organic grains appears to function admirably with these dogs. Changing from doggy food to grown-up foods is truly excessive.



Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have negligible grooming prerequisites. Ordinary brushing and an incidental shower are everything necessary to keep them looking great. During semi-yearly shedding seasons, daily brushing will assist with eliminating cast-off undercoat and prevent shedding. The breed has quickly developing nails that might require nearly weekly managing to hold them back from becoming congested and sharp. Like all breeds, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs benefit from ordinary dental consideration. Begin a normal that incorporates at-home teeth-cleaning and expert cleanings to guarantee great oral cleanliness all through their lives.

Australian Stumpy Tail Puppies


With their herding legacy, Stumpys take well to training and are profoundly astute dogs that answer well to commands. They are pack-situated dogs that need a firm chief and will rapidly take on the job if you don’t! With a firm however delicate hand and prize based training strategies, they are for the most part simple dogs to train and cherish the cycle. Early socialization is a crucial however frequently disregarded piece of training with working dogs, and mingling your dog from the very first moment will go quite far in making the training system smooth and fruitful. Possessing a functioning dog like a Stumpy is really a regular work and will require a lot of persistence, consistency, and commitment.



Then again, as the proprietor of an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, you don’t need to be exceptionally familiar with diseases, in light of the fact that as a strong working dog, which has not been broad up to now, this breed has barely had a say in genetic diseases. Notwithstanding, even the white-conceived Stumpy once in a while has congenital sensorineural deafness and instances of the eye disease PRA (moderate retinal decay). Likewise known is the gamble of having an open upheld little dog, which is common in dogs with a natural bobtail.


Bottom Line

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog can be a decent companion to children; in spite of the fact that, they’re more qualified for more established children and youngsters. Make certain to show your children how to appropriately interact with your Stumpy, and don’t leave kids unattended with your dog. The Stumpy might attempt to herd up children and give little nips at the heel if they feel what is going on requires it!

Concerning different animals, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog can exist together, for however long they are presented gradually and serenely. Their herding senses could kick in, and they could endeavor to herd some other pets in the house, regardless of their size. Consistent training and a lot of activity can assist with checking these behaviors.

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