Auggie Dog- A cross between Australian Shepherd and Corgi

The Auggie Dog is a hybrid–a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Corgi, and ordinarily, the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Friendly, fiery, and fun loving, these mixed breed grouping dogs make incredible allies for the entire family.

Auggie is some of the time spelled as Augi, Auggi, or Augie, and at times they’re known as Aussie-Corgi. Regardless of their status as a “designer dog,” you might discover Auggies at general dog asylums or salvages. Take on! Try not to shop!

auggie dog breed information

These friendly, inquisitive, spirited pups would do best with a family who can give them both the consideration and the play they ache for. They do very well with people, all things considered, just as different pets, so they’d fit right in with most families or even single proprietors as long as they stand out enough to be noticed.

Auggie dogs are accepted to have been first reared in the UK and the US during the 1800s. Coat tones shift, as a rule come in tri-shading mixes of dark, brown, white, and tan.Auggie dogs fall under the crowding class. Their character and demeanor make them ideal family and buddy dogs. Auggies are a lively and autonomous medium-sized breed that would require appropriate preparing, early socialization, and a lot of activity. Auggie sheds a great deal during season changes and tolerably all through the remainder of the year.



Being a designer breed, the appearances can differ even ones that come from a similar litter of Auggie dogs. Totally mature Auggie gauges 20-30 lbs. Also, remains at 10-13 inches tall.

The average Auggie has an expansive, adjusted head and a tightened gag. It would have three-sided ears that may either stand up or overlay towards the front or the side.

Here and there, the eyes are adjusted like the Corgi or almond-molded like the Australian Shepherd. Auggie dog eyes come in any blend of blues and tans.

The Auggie dog includes a double coat comprising of a thick undercoat, underneath a silkier climate safe external coat. Coat shading comes in changing tri-shading mixes of dark, white, tan, and brown. Some Auggie dogs are bi-shading or unadulterated white. Auggies might be brought into the world with a full-length tail, an incomplete tail, or no tail by any means.

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Auggie Dog Maintenance

Australian Shepherds and Corgis are generally sound varieties. A solid Auggie dog can anticipate a long life of as long as 15 years. Dietary necessities are basically standard and may change as per the different phases of life. Make a point to take care of your dog excellent kibble in sound partitions as Augies tend to indulge.

Augies take after the short, bold legs and lengthened spine of their Corgi guardians. With this sort of assemble, being overweight expands the danger of injury to the spine. You most certainly need to watch out for your Auggie dog’s weight and meet his activity necessities.

While the Auggi is an exceptionally searched out dog for families, be careful that they aren’t awesome for first-time proprietors or those that lean toward a hands-off way to deal with preparing. If you’ve never claimed a dog, it’s strongly suggested you counsel proficient preparing.

The Auggi can be obstinate when undeveloped, and this, alongside the intuition to group little children or animals, can rapidly transform an incredible family dog into a bad dream.

They might nip at the heel to crowd them if you don’t prepare them in any case. Some Auggies are more inclined to simply booping things with their nose or body to group, yet that can in any case worry more modest animals.

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Luckily, preparing is a breeze with a delicate, friendly, however harsh methodology. They’re fast students, and when you’re preparing them consistently — as prescribed — you’re probably not going to have any rebellion issues.

If the crowding intuition stresses you to an extreme, yet you need a comparative dog then the Corgi German Shepherd Mix may be definitely in your wheelhouse.

If you’re thinking about beginning a family, or have consistently pictured that ideal house with your kids going around, energetically trailing and being pursued by a dog, you ought to nicely consider taking an Auggie puppy home.

Cross of Australian Shepherd and Corgi


It will rapidly modify to your lifestyle, and it’s one of the most steadfast and flexible dog breeds. Coming from a crowding family, your Augie will be ready, defensive, and fiery.

However, don’t get an Auggie if the dog of your fantasy is hypoallergenic. They shed regularly, and they might require very testing coat support. If you are accommodating, the Auggie will be equipped for staying aware of your lifestyle. What’s more, I can’t accentuate enough – the best thing about Auggies is their boundless dedication and commitment to the proprietors.

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