Annoying Dog Behaviors and Solutions

Dogs give extraordinary pleasure to their owners – love, companionship, fun and a heap of health benefits. Yet, sometimes dog behaviors that are unseemly, problematic and complete annoying.

It’s vital to remember that according to a dog’s point of view, a considerable lot of these are natural behaviors that are entirely ordinary and adequate, yet to people they present an issue. Natural dog behaviors are often energetic, perky, noisy and destructive. People, then again, generally require quiet, tranquil and respectful animal companions.

Annoying Dog Behaviors

Annoying Dog Behaviors and Solutions

Here are the most annoying dog habits that they might show over the long haul. Fortunately there are solutions to these annoying dog behaviors and with better communication and some reward based training you can assist them with becoming a polite family member.


Your number one cloths, shoes can without much of a stretch become a chew toy for your dog if you’re not cautious. Additionally, your expensive mat can be torn into pieces, your furniture could undoubtedly be destroyed. All because of your dog, wanting to chew on things. Furthermore, you couldn’t in fact fault them for it. Chewing is a significant activity for dogs particularly when they are getting teeth or have an excess of energy in their fuzzy bodies.
First thing you really want to do is make all your own things unavailable to your dog. When you’re not ready to watch out for your fuzzy friend then put it inside the crate or in a dog-sealed room. Likewise, give your dog something to chew on. When you give them enough chew toys then you would have no need to stress over your books, furniture, shoes, or anything!


Quite possibly the most annoying behaviors for dog owner? A pup who won’t quit barking. All dogs bark. Yet, sometimes, dogs foster vices that disturb everyone around them. Some bark when a renewed individual or animal comes into their region.

Sometimes, dogs bark when they’re surprised. Furthermore, many dogs bark when they feel exhausted or unhappy. Luckily, you can address the problem. You simply have to sort out why your dog is barking excessively to resolve the problem.


If given the opportunity, most dogs will truly do some measure of digging; it’s a question of impulse. Certain dog breeds, similar to terriers, are more inclined to digging due to their hunting accounts.

It is perhaps the most annoying behavior if your dog likes to dig up your yard. Attempt and decide the reason for the digging, then work to dispose of that source. Give your dog more exercise, spend greater quality time together, and work on extra training. If digging appears to be unavoidable, put away a region where your dog can uninhibitedly dig, similar to a sandbox. Train your dog that it is OK to just dig around here.

Dogs Digging


Jumping is an annoying behavior that most commonly fills a solitary need for your dog: attention. It isn’t happening out of predominance or a desire to misbehave. Your dog needs to welcome you (or a visitor) with excitement and affection.

If your dog attempts to jump up, back up and move far removed so your dog doesn’t connect with you. Try not to just overlook the behavior and permit your dog to keep pawing all over you. Move far removed and don’t engage. Ensure your dog knows a suitable behavior to propose all things considered. This behavior needs to consistently work for them! If your dog offers a “sit” or stands amenably before you, reward that with petting and attention. If they return to jumping at that time, return to stage one. Allow your dog to sort out the example!

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is quite possibly the most commonly talked about dog behavior problem. Manifestations incorporate vocalization, chewing, unseemly pee and poo, and different types of destruction that happen when a dog is separated from his owner.

Separation anxiety requires devoted training, behavior modification, and desensitization exercises. Prescription might be recommended in extreme cases.

Begging for food

Many dogs generally act hungry. Also, more often than not, dogs simply attempt to inspire you to give them more food, even when they don’t require it. However, you have a more concerning issue on your hands if your dog has figured out how to beg at the table. What’s more, you can help your dog to follow through with something — anything — other than begging while you eat. For example, you can train your dog to rests on her bed or mat to manage this annoying behaviors.

Try not to surrender and share what’s on your plate. If you do, you show your dog that begging works. You can train your dog with a spot command and have him head to the designated spot whenever you eat a dinner. Moreover, you can give your dog a riddle toy or a unique quality dog treat to keep him involved at mealtimes. On the other hand, you can take care of your dog simultaneously you eat to show him he really wants to eat his own food as opposed to begging for yours.

Neglecting Commands

It could get truly aggravating when your dog simply ignores your commands. It very well may be either on the grounds that the dog is excessively content with what it is as of now doing or he is simply not intrigued. One way or the other, it is annoying!

You would have to change a few changes in your dog’s basic training. Convince your dog to listen to our commands. For example, give them a treat or reward each time it listens to you. Feel a debt of gratitude coming to you by praising your dog.


Dogs are creatures of habit, and when habits structure it can require bunches of exertion for you to transform them. Your dog needs to comprehend what you believe he should do, however it will require time and patience to make your goals understood and guide your dog away from annoying behaviors to better ones. Consulting a qualified dog trainer can assist you with beginning.

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