Afador Dog-Mix of Afghan Hound and Labrador Retriever

The Afador is a hybrid dog–a cross between the Afghan Hound and Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Loyal, enthusiastic, and warm, these puppies acquired probably the most desirable characteristics from both of their folks.

Afadors are likewise now and then known as the Afghan Lab. You can track down these blended breed dogs in havens and breed specific salvages, so make sure to consistently take on! Try not to shop if you’re hoping to add an Afador to your home!

Afador Dog Breed

Afadors make great family pets, despite the fact that they improve more established children and prepared dog proprietors who can give the breed the preparation and consideration they require. Afadors additionally make for great watchman dogs, and they’re aware of outsiders. The blended breed is exceptionally fiery and athletic, so admittance to a safe open air space is liked.


Afador Dog Appearance

The Afador is a medium-sized dog with a thin form, long legs, and athletic appearance. They are solid, with an enormous, round head; since quite a while ago, tightened gag; brown or dark nose; dull, almond molded eyes; inquisitive articulation; and dropped collapsed ears. Nonetheless, these qualities can fluctuate contingent upon the blend of Afghan Hound and Labrador Retriever. Their jacket is medium to long, long, smooth, and straight. The Afador can come in pretty much any tone, including white, dark, red, brown, dark, tan, and combinations of any of these. Most have a layer of fine, dull hide all over like a cover. They weigh somewhere in the range of 60 and 75 pounds and are roughly 25 to 30 inches tall, with the guys somewhat bigger than the females. The Afador is a strong and thicker dog than their Afghan Hound parent yet less fatty and more rich than the Labrador Retriever in spite of the fact that, if it is a second era Afador, the actual attributes can be totally different.

Afghan Hound and Labrador Retriever


Afador Dog Maintenance

Due to their blended foundation, the Afador Hound has a couple of specific necessities from their proprietor. They are dynamic dogs ordinarily, so they will require a decent and if conceivable, normal eating routine for dogs that supplements their day by day energy use. They likewise need extra time off all of their energetic energy in a manner that is protected and solid.

You ought to give your Afador Hound great quality hard food day by day. Normally, the rear of the kibble pack will have serving directions. The amount you feed your dog will differ dependent on their size and age. The Afador is viewed as a medium-size dog, so you will probably be told to take care of them 1.5-2.5 cups of their food every day.

This specific breed can experience the ill effects of swelling and food sensitivities, which can be brought about by the admission of specific food sources and fixings. Thus, if you discover you Afador becoming swollen after dinners, you may have to do some experimentation with their food. Just as do some examination to discover which nutrients and supplements may be most appropriate to help your dog to not turn out to be so swollen after dinners. You can likewise consistently counsel your Afador’s veterinarian on the matter.



The Afador is a unique cross breed dog breed with two incredible guardians. As a mix of an Afghan dog and the Labrador Retriever, this dog has an incredible character accordingly. They can be sluggish and unwind just as advertised up and full to the edge with volatile energy. This dog breed isn’t for somebody who has never claimed a dog, as they can be somewhat of a modest bunch now and again. In any case, by the day’s end, they are a dog that any family would be fortunate to have in their home.

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