5 Best Guinea Pig Breeds for Family and Kids

Your children may believe they are ready for a dog, but you are well aware that you would end up shouldering the majority of the responsibilities such as feeding, walking, and cleaning that dogs require. For families who are new to pet ownership, veterinarians often recommend smaller pets like guinea pigs because they are less delicate compared to other small animals such as rabbits and hamsters. Additionally, just like dogs, there are various breeds of guinea pigs to choose from.

The breed of a guinea pig can influence its temperament, coat type and care requirements, as well as potential health issues. Once you have determined which guinea pig breed is most suitable for you, you can visit your local animal shelter or explore online guinea pig rescues for adoption options.

Best Guinea Pig Breeds

Notwithstanding an assortment of breeds and absence of delicacy, guinea pigs are moderately simple to really focus on. They don’t for the most part experience the ill effects of genuine ailments insofar as they’re appropriately focused on. They additionally eat a moderately basic eating routine of feed, new vegetables, pelleted food, and, as per Hess, a nutrient C enhancement. Their water supply ought to be invigorated consistently, and their enclosure ought to be fixed with bedding that is cleaned consistently. These are for the most part undertakings that kids can perform pretty effectively, which is the reason guinea pigs make a definitely less overwhelming first pet than a dog, for example.


1. Texel

Texel Guinea Pig

Texels look a great deal like Silkies, just with wavy coats that require a ton of prepping. At the point when their jackets are long enough the twists can even become characterized curls, as indicated by Somerzby Pet Products.

Texels make extraordinary show guinea pigs in view of their beautiful waves and twists, however the support they require implies they’re most appropriate to somebody who has the additional opportunity to spend on preparing.


2. Peruvian

Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvian guinea pigs have the longest hair of the multitude of breeds, to the point that it typically covers their eyes. A Peruvian holds the record for longest hair on a guinea pig at 21 inches, so don’t take on or purchase this variety except if you’re ready to keep a controlled preparing plan. A few proprietors of Peruvians trim their long hair to make it more sensible, however Guinea Pig Hub suggests allowing it to develop normally.

Peruvians are similarly just about as sweet as different varieties, yet they are frequently significantly more ready and inquisitive.

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3. Himalayan Guinea Pig

Himalayan Guinea Pig

Himalayan guinea pigs have the shading of Siamese cats, however their dull focuses don’t typically create until a couple of months after they’re conceived. Their eyes are red, so their general shading blend is inconceivably exceptional. However Guinea Pig Hub takes note of that they are agreeable and delicate, Himalayan guinea pigs are best for people who have possessed guinea pigs before in light of the fact that they’re to some degree high upkeep and need to remain inside, as per Somerzby Pet Products.


4. Silkie or Sheltie Guinea Pig

Silkie or Sheltie

The Silkie, or Sheltie, guinea pig’s hair becomes move in an opposite direction from its face and down its back, however shouldn’t part down the center, as per breed principles. Silkies arrive in various different shadings, and they’re known as the most delicate variety, as per Somerzby Pet Products. All things considered, they probably won’t be appropriate to kids in light of the fact that their more extended hair requires more support.


5. Teddy Guinea Pig


Teddies are known for their stiff, wiry coats, which are short and have a wrinkle to them, as per Spruce Pets. The surface causes them to look like teddy bears, in this manner their name. It likewise makes their jackets amazingly simple to keep up with, however they do require a periodic brushing.

Teddies are the main variety with an improved nose, as per Guinea Pig Hub, and they have probably the best disposition, making them an extraordinary family pet.

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